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Dodo Pad Meal Planning

I’ve been getting back into good habits recently by meal planning and making proper shopping lists and it’s working well. I bought a Dodo Pad last year as I love the structure of it, plus my general love for fun stationary makes this a repeat purchase. It provides pages of of tables with dates and doodle pages for my lists. There is enough boxes for me to put in meals and exercise and also other things that I have going on that I know will impact on my meals or timing.

It feels good to be getting organised again and it’s nice to make the time to do this. Combined with my new delivery service from Mindful Chef (more info on that next week!) it’s feeling really good.

I can also make sure I do my shopping lists when looking at recipes and in my cupboards. This then stays on my kitchen counter for me to look at easily. It also allows me to make changes as required as there as time when we need to be flexible.

However there are also weeks that do not go to plan at all and end up looking like a scribbled mess, but this means I’m using it as I go and partly as a diary/tracker as well as a planning tool.

I find when it comes to eating well I need to be organised and have what I need easily available. This is also really helpful if you want to reduce waste, which I was getting a bit bad with mainly because I was buying too much for one person. Making the time to prepare means I can handle when things need to change. It makes during the week much less stressful and reduces the likelihood of popping to the shop on the way home from work. I’ve tried many ways of doing this and have found that writing it down is the best for me as it seems to stick in my memory much longer than trying to do it on the computer or through an app. You’ve got to find what works for you and then it’s about being disciplined with it. I know I need to do this, so now I am planning in that time each week as an appointment to myself and that is working really well. I’ve done this with my blog post writing as well and it really works for me.

Find what works for you and then discipline yourself to do it. I find motivation is temporary and comes and goes, but discipline builds habits that last.

Planning for Success



In my job working in projects we talk a lot about setting things up for success and that got me thinking about how I can help myself work towards my goals in successful ways.

2015 is going to be a big year for me. I turn thirty and have set myself my biggest challenge to date of completing a half ironman distance triathlon.

So I need to set myself up for success and in order to do that I need to plan.

I currently use a Moleskine journal to record my bullet journal and that is working really well for me. I have decided to add to this by using the Moleskine Wellness journal template you can get online to stick into your own notebooks. I like the goals pages and how they are set up into both monthly and weekly.

The monthly templates I have used to insert all the events I am taking part in and will add specific weight, fitness, and personal goals at the beginning of each month.




The weekly ones I will use to be very specific about what I want to achieve that week. This will be update to date with any commitments so I can be realistic and flexible in my approach. There is no point in saying I will always do my ideal week of swimming club, running club, and cycling, if I have to go away for work!



I really like being able to tick things of my list and I think this is why the bullet journal idea has worked so well for me as it allows me to be organised and tick things off a list. So going back to weekly goals will help me take small steps to reaching my bigger goals. I won’t be sharing all the details of my goals, but I wanted to share how I organizing my goals and therefore setting myself up for success.

Comfortable, Yet Not

This year has been great. I feel in a good place and am enjoying life. There are things I’m working to make better, such as working towards the next level at work and having more money. But overall I have made great strides in creating the life I want and enjoy every day. There is much less guilt and shame than there used to be. I feel content and comfortable in my head.

However it is not the same in my body. This is not me being negative, but honest. I have hated the hot weather this year. I have felt uncomfortable in my clothes and doing things as I get hot really easily and then feel self-conscious because I sweat (also a lot). It hasn’t stopped me doing things I really want to, but it has made me lose motivation for running. My body is just not up for it right now.

I haven’t felt like this physically in a good number of years and it is reminding me of all the horrible things associated with being overweight. So I want to do something about it. It’s no secret I’ve been trying for the whole year (since before I started this blog) and nothing has stuck. I have resisted everything. It would be easy to beat myself up for this and punish myself with a strict regime, but I’m not going to do that this time. I want to treat myself and my body well.

I had to go out and buy linen trousers for work because of the heat. I also had to make sure they had an elasticated waist band to makes sure I would be comfortable in them all day. All my other work trousers are not feeling good at the moment. I haven’t had to do this in a long time and I didn’t like it. I like to buy clothes as I seem them if I like them, rather than have to. I hate having to shop for something specific as you can usually guarantee no shop will have it at the time you need it.

Getting the kittens and following the guide for the amount of food they need is making me responsible to their health and I wonder why I haven’t felt the same way about my own health. I’m usually okay during the day at sticking to meals and only snacking on fruit, but I’ve made it too easy not to eat well in the evening. I get stuck between listening to my body and keeping a structure of 3 meals a day. There are some days where I feel hungry all day no matter what and that is when I crack under the pressure.

Sometimes I just need to get out how I’m feeling and try to get my thoughts in some kind of logical order in order to reflect and move forward. I don’t have the answers, but I am not going to stop trying to find out what works for me and will help shape the body that will support the life I am leading and want to continue to lead.

A post Nic wrote last week on her blog really struck a cord with me – Practical Help. I feel I talk about this a lot and don’t make any progress. I frustrate myself as I hate it when other people do this to me and just like Nic am someone who looks for ways to take action. Not necessarily solve a problem, but do something to alleviate the bad from a situation. Yet I’m not doing this myself for myself. I’m trying to balance being kind and being determined to make the changes I want to make, but get frustrated with the lack of progress.  So I am going to sit down and look at this as though a friend was coming to me with the same thing – what would I advise them to do? I want to practically help myself.

Project Lifestyle April Nutrition Workstream

Project Lifestyle Purple Cover

The one area of my Project Lifestyle where I don’t seem to be making progress is my diet. I cannot exercise out a bad diet, therefore I have to do something about the diet itself.  I feel uncomfortable in my clothes and fear food for the risk I’ll eat too much. I’ll binge and that will be the last time, had happened too many times over the last month. I have to be okay with myself now if I want to change myself for love.

The biggest thing that has hit me this last week has been I feel super slow at swimming and cannot keep up with the top lane anymore. This is also a combination of them getting faster with increased focus, but it still hurts and is frustrating and disappointing. I also want to get better at running and cycling and I know my weight is getting in the way. I don’t want to be the fat girl having a go at things, I want to be the girl who has a good go at things!

So things have to change. From the 1st of April I committed to WeightWatchers and plan to Instagram my daily points use every day this month to be accountable for my diet and training. I’ve also bought myself some stickers to use in my planner as a way to reward myself. I think I’ll set some rewards based on the number of stickers or the streak I get on, rather than make it about weight, but more focused on the lifestyle I am creating for myself.


I have worked at upping my protein in recent months so now it back to focusing on portion sizes and upping my fruit and vegetables to bulk out my meals. I am also cutting out the cakes, biscuits, and continuing with my giving up of chocolate for this month too. I need to cut out my trigger foods and abstain from them for a while. I’m swapping my go to treats with protein snacks and shakes from The Protein Works. I am also going to include some more energy drinks form Science in Sport into my training, so I am not exhausted and starving after my sessions. This is building on my recovery routine I have going at the moment, which I am going to expand to all training sessions – have a protein shake after strength to aid recovery.

I need my diet to support my lifestyle, not the other way round. So I’m going to monitor my plan and see the results for this month and then look at tweaks I need to make over the next few months. My intention is to make WeightWatchers my lifestyle. I’m not buying any of the products, but as a way of portion control and calorie counting I like it and it is something I need to stick with until I reach my goal weight and then on through into learning to maintain that weight.

I also am going to work on looking at why I turn to food. I know it’s because it’s easy and there and doesn’t talk or judge, but I need to swap that out for something better. I’m not good depending on people, but maybe I can focus on texting (phoning is a no go for me) more randomly to strike up conversations.  I also want to start a couple of crafty projects, like the book of lists over at Her Library Adventures.  I need to find little things I can substitute for those times I would normally turn to eating. The blog doesn’t work for me like that unfortunately, but I’m sure I can find things that will.

I really hope to get support through Twitter and Instagram this month as I can tell you I’ll need it!

Don’t forget all my Project Lifestyle documents are viewable on my shared Google Drive!

Getting My Act Together – Emergency Project Lifestyle Review

Project Lifestyle Purple Cover

I need to get out of my denial head. I don’t want to be fat when I turn thirty!

So I have to do something about my eating. I have to say no to myself and other people when it comes to food.

I spent the weekend feeling fat and horrible. I spend every running session wishing I didn’t carry the extra weight. I hate the way my clothes fit, or don’t fit. I hate that I haven’t brought anything new to wear in ages. I wished I could have worn a dress to my friend’s party or my dad’s 65th this last weekend. I hate myself whenever I eat. So of course I comfort myself with food. It can’t go on this way.

I’ve given up chocolate for lent and it’s been great. I haven’t craved it. I’ve had a chocolate sweet tree sat in my house for two weeks and although I’ve been tempted I’ve avoided it. I also need to give up cake and biscuits. Temporarily at least, to lose the taste for them. To show myself I can survive and be okay without them.

I need to find a substitute. Something that will fill the hole the eating is trying to fill. I know I’m an emotional eater. I eat when I’m alone. I eat when I’m feeling, sad, lonely, happy, angry, powerless, emotional in general. I eat to sooth myself. I don’t know any other way.

I’m going to shift to protein shakes and bars at first. I am going to read more books or go to the cinema. I am going to do the projects I want to do. I am going to finish watching all the TV shows I started and never finished. I am going to order my food shopping to be delivered.

It’s going to be hard. I’m going to feel rubbish. I’m going to be sad, angry, happy, lonely, emotional in general. I need to not fight it and let myself feel what I need to felt as I let go of my blanket and comforter.

I have to control my food consumption. I like rules and structure and so a plan is what I need. SO I have signed back up to WeightWatchers for a fresh start a lifestyle change.

Project Lifestyle won’t succeed without intervention from myself on this front. Exercise I have down. It will need to work with my eating, but I’ll figure that out as I go. Mental Health I feel good about. Career I feel okay about and have a plan for the year ahead. Social I also feel surprisingly good about. So I can put all my effort in to nutrition and keep the other spinning quite nicely without the same effort.

I have to be honest with myself. I can’t exercise out a bad diet and I have a bad diet. So it’s time to make this change and cut out the crap and focus on the good, no great food I eat and that benefits my body. I don’t need the sugar and fats. Some is okay, we need some of everything, but not binges. So I am going to start tracking my binge free progress. It’s an addiction and one I cannot give into.

It sucks I have a rubbish relationship with food. I recognise it so I can do something about it. I can measure what I eat and I can set a budget for it. Because I am paying for WW I have an incentive to make it count. Nothing is forbidden, but I can ask myself if it is worth it.

I have seven weeks until my first triathlon of the years and of my Up & Running course. I would like to lose a stone (14lbs) by then.

I’m going to post a photo of my WW tracker at the end of eat day, or beginning of the next one if I forget! My goal is to stay within my point allowance every day and not use my weekly or activity.

I start today!

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