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Currently – November 2015 Edition

Current Book – A Court of Thorns and Roses

I’ve lost my reading mojo the last couple of weeks and started this book, but haven’t gotten very far. I think I am going to like it, I just need some time to get stuck into it properly.

Current Music – Hello by Adele

Like everyone else I love this song and turn it up full blast when it comes on in the car.

Current Non-Guilty Pleasure – Pumpkin Apple Cider candles

I love these candle and this scent from Partylite is a favourite of mine, but they have stopped doing it this year so I am making my big pumpkin last as long as possible. Luckily they had the mini jars on sale at my friends party last month so now I have another set to see me through the winter. There is just something calming and warming about the smell and on a  dark cold evening is perfect to snuggle under a blanket with a book.

Current Beauty Product –  Smashbox Hydrating Primer

This is amazing! I came across this through Love Life Lexi’s blog and I am so happy about it. My skin tends to get drier over winter, but I have noticed it getting dry in the day and I think that was from my last primer as I reduced the foundation I wear down to special occasion, rather than everyday. This is like putting on moisturiser and just feels so nice and not greasy at all. It smooths and reduces shine and just feels great. It is more liquid like than my last one, so I think it will last quite a long time too.

Current Drink – Caorunn Gin

My leaving present when I changed role a couple of weeks ago was new bottle of my favourite gin and it’s perfect for going into winter.

Current Food –  Tuna steaks pan fried with lemon. Usually with stir fry veggies and noodles. Simple.

Current Obsession –  Adding to my Lion King collection!

Current Craving –  All the sweet food!

I think it’s this time of year, when all the Christmas food is coming out in the stores. I just want all the sweet things!

Current Need –  Lots of sleep (like my cats)

 Current Bane of My Existence – filing my personal post, especially bank stuff. I just hate doing it. I never know what I need to kept versus what i can throw away, so end up just keeping it all and now it’s a huge pile in the corner of my spare room.

Current Indulgence –  roller ski course

In preparation for my cross country skiing holiday, but more about that another time.

Current Procrastination – cleaning my car

I hate this job so much! But I could easily take it someone for someone else to do it for me, but I would rather spend the money on something else. My car is going in for a service next week, so am hoping they will do it then – fingers crossed!

Currently making my life easier – Poopy Cat litter boxes

So easy to use and clean and have removed the odor from my house. Also fits perfectly in the space by my toilet. I have to put the box in the bottom of one my last litter trays to trap the dust as my two like to dig, but work it!

Current Confession –  I love the build up to Christmas, but not the actual day. So much expectation on one day!

Current Quote – this.

Current Excitement –  A week off next week!

I so need it. I haven’t had any proper time off in ages and am feeling it. I worked from home today and really struggled to keep focused. I can feel that my brain is not as on form as it usually is and from the combination of finishing one job and moving teams to new one I’m feeling a little run down. Not in a bad way, just in a it would be nice not to set my alarm for week kind of way.

Current Mood –  Determined

Currently – October 15 Edition

I love reading these kinds of posts. They are similar to the Coffee Date posts and they allow the reader to delve into the life of the blogger a little bit more. Maybe I’m just nosy, but I find them fascinating. So I decided to give them ago. This is based on the format Running With Spoons uses, but I’ve adapted slightly to fit my own life a bit better.

Current Book – The Assassin’s Blade

I treated some new books when I heard I got the job I really wanted internally at work, and this is the first one I’ve started to read. I’m enjoying learning the history of Celena as it is hinted in the other books and I feel I’m really getting to know the character better.

Current Music – The Script, The Energy Never Dies

I love The Script and there is always one song on each of their albums I play over and over and this is the current one.

Current Non-Guilty Pleasure – The X-Files

I bought myself the entire tv series on dvd as a treat for completing my Solent Swim last month and I am already on season three! A few times a week I pop a dvd in and have it on in the background as I potter around the house or working from home.

Current Beauty Product – Porefessional

I’m in the middle of reassessing my makeup routine as am struggling with breakouts. I want to scale it all back and focus on maintaining good skin and just focusing on my eyes, so my primer has been playing a vital role in combating my current blotchy skin as I scale back on the foundation.

Current Drink – Peanut Hottie

I love this as a evening or bedtime drink now the weather has turned colder. It is not as sweet as hot chocolate and fills my craving for peanut butter. I wasn’t sure I would like it, but now I want to try the chocolate version too as I very much enjoy it and we are heading into cosy nights in reading books covered in blankets on the sofa.

Current Food – Figs!

Figs are back in season I am having to limit myself to four a day. I just eat a whole pack and love them so much just as they are. I think I am buying the whole stock each time I go into the local shop. My mum has a fig tree, but we don’t really have the weather to ripen the fruit so there are always lots of green ones, but rarely any make it through. I would love a fig tree, but recently was given an apple tree so I’ll try with that one first.

Current Obsession – Colouring

I have fallen for the colouring craze and have both of Joanna Basford colouring books for adults and love them. I can’t wait for the next one even though I haven’t even finsihed the first one  yet!

Current Craving – Crusty Bread

All I want is bread at the moment. The  last couple of weekends I’ve been up the highstreet at the right time to get some lovely fresh crusty bread and ever since it is all I have been craving. Lovely fresh ham sandwiches – so good!

Current Need – Moisturiser

My skin is so dry and my current moisturiser is just not cutting it. I need to take a trip to Boots to go through the different ones available to find one that works for me.

Current Bane of My Existence – My office clutter

For whatever reason I have never been able to keep my office space at home tidy. It is the room where I let things pile up and I hate it. It also became the cats room for a while, but I have changed their litter trays and moved them to the bathroom so have my office back. SO now I need to sort it out and create or re-create the space I want for working and blogging.

Current Indulgence – Early bed times

Whenever I can I am having early bed times. I’m getting into my warm bed with my lavender melter on and enjoying reading a book or listening to a podcast or audiobook while relaxing and letting the day fall behind me. I really appreciate the times I can do this and go out of my way to make sure I can when I need to.

Current Procrastination – Hanging Up My Clothes

Am I the only one who washes their clothes and then ends up leaving the stuff in the dryer or in the basket clean? I am so bad. I’ve had to re-wash stuff as they have ended up so creased that things cannot be worn outside, and I don’t own an iron!

Current Confession – I get into my pyjamas straight after work

When I am not doing anything on an evening I get straight into my pyjamas and love it. The only time it feels awkward is when I neighbour comes round as they have taken in a parcel for me, but then I just try to throw on a hoodie. I live in pyjamas really.

Current Quote – this. 

Current Excitement – Harry Potter Halloween

Me and my friend Ingrid have been planning our Harry Potter Halloween for a while and I am so excited. We are going to watch lots of the movies and have booked to go to the Studio Tour on Halloween night! It’s going to be so much fun!

Current Mood – Determined

I feel great right now. I am excited about my job and my life and want to hit the ground running with all the changes happening.

Life Lately – Autumn Edition

I’ve been quiet on the blog for a while. I’ve sat down a few times to write something, but nothing felt right, so I let myself be quiet and focus on other things.

It has been busy though; so busy that it’s time to make sure I take a break. I’ve had the odd day here and there where I have hibernated away and not left the house. I’ve been dwelling on things too. Always things I don’t have any control over and therefore have no need to worry about, and yet I do.

I’ve been being super hard on myself and after what I was calling a ‘rubbish run’ last week, my friend Sonia said straight to my face; ‘STOP! Stop being so hard on yourself!’ It was exactly what I needed to hear. I was so happy someone said it to me. No one ever has really, at least not in those simple, straight, no-fuss words.

It really made me thinking. Sure it was focused on my attitude when thinking about running progress, but it applies to all aspects of my life. I am super hard on myself all the time. I put pressure and expectations on myself that are only coming from my own thoughts. If anyone else was saying these things to me I would tell them to ‘f*** off’, but I let myself treat myself this way. I’ve decided to focus on this and shift things to take the pressure off and that includes how I talk to myself inside my head.

There have been lots of good things happening and that is what I am going to focus on today!

New Job – I’ll be starting anew job at the beginning of November. I spent pretty much the whole of September in interview mode and it was exhausting. I had three interviews in three weeks and learnt a lot; so that by the time I got offered the job I really wanted I had some great practice. Now it is all about tidying up and finishing off my current work and leaving it in a great place for whoever takes my place.

Holidays – I’ve booked three holidays in the last few weeks. Firstly I’ve booked a skiing trip to Austria as celebration of my new job. A trip to Japan with my mum later next year, which will be the first big trip I’ve done in a while. Thirdly I’ve booked a walking trip around Mt Blanc for 2017! I’m so excited by these as they have been on my list for so long and I cannot wait. It also gives me something to look forward to over the next couple of years and to get fit for.

Swimming and Running – These are the things I’ve been struggling with a little bit, running especially. I feel like I’m starting again with both as I’ve hurt my shoulder during my big swim and running just plain hurts. This is where I really need to go easy on myself and do it because I enjoy it rather than force myself to because I think I should. So I’m changing my approach and taking the pressure off.

TV Obsessions – I’ve been watching The X-Files from the beginning and I love it. I can’t believe how creepy some of the episodes are and I remember watching them late at night when I was in secondary school!  Also Doctor Who has started again on TV and I love it. I am such a binge watcher of TV shows. I’m so impatient when it comes to having to wait for the next episode nowadays. I used to re-watch episodes of Buffy and Angel until the next episode aired, but now I just find something else to get hooked on!

Back to the books – I treated myself to some new books this month as I miss the feel of a good book and also going to a bookshop to buy them. So I also did that – actually went and wandered around a bookshop having a good browse before buying anything. I wish there was a bigger bookshop near me though so I could disappear into the stacks and spend a whole day there if I wanted.

Kitty Cats – my cats have been living it up with some sunny weather in the garden and also catching all the spiders that try to come into the house.  I’m also enjoying that they are becoming a bit more affectionate and Pippin now walks across my lap. Neither of them will sit on my lap without being held there, but I’ll train them to love it. I’m starting to look what I can get them for Christmas. I want something they can play with when I’m not there, but that won’t get pulled apart and then lost when I’m not there. I’m still looking for ping pong ball that they have made disappear!

Other Upcoming Excitements:

  • Visiting friends in Cardiff
  • Harry Potter Halloween
  • Brussels for the Christmas market

Overall life is great and focusing on what makes me happy and brings me joy is the way forward. We all have to deal with the crap times, but it’s how we overcome those times and our thoughts about them that matter. A lot of my negative thinking is learned and I was to teach myself new, better ways to think about things. I realised at the weekend when catching up with my parents that several things that I used to do and think do not sit right with me anymore and that is okay. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks as it’s none of my business, but it does matter what I think about myself.

What makes me, me?

  1. I like being alone. I like people, but they drain me, so I always need time to recharge.
  2. I prefer spending a Saturday reading at home, rather than going out.
  3. I love coffee and tea. I also love good wine and gin.
  4. My favourite shows are still Buffy and Angel. I also love Bones.
  5. My favourite books are The Liveship Traders, Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter.
  6. I love BBC history and nature documentaries, But Time Team will always be my favourite.
  7. I love helping other people learn to swim.
  8. I love planning anything and am a spreadsheet geek.
  9. I love Instagram and Twitter, but am not a fan of Facebook.
  10. I hate spiders and clowns!
  11. I plan duvet days in advance, but there is nothing better than a spontaneous one.
  12. Japan is at the top of my travel list, closing followed by a walking trip around Mt Blanc.
  13. I’ve always wanted cats as pets. I would love to get a dog too in the future.
  14. I love sleep and will prioritise it – if I’ve planned an afternoon nap, it comes first!
  15. I said never to both sky diving and bungy jumping, then did both while in New Zealand.
  16. I love food, but am rubbish as cooking without a recipe.
  17. I love spending time in coffee shops people watching.
  18. I want to train my cats to walk on the lead, but am rubbish at consistency.
  19. My favourite chocolate bar has and will always be the Cadburys Boost.
  20. I always ask my friend Ingrid to bring me back Peanut Butter M&Ms from Canada (hint!).
  21. I only listen to music in the car nowadays. I used to hold my own concerts in the living room!
  22. I could eat sushi at every meal. I would probably say the sae about pizza too.
  23. If I could afford it, I would totally get a cleaner for my home.
  24. I love candles and the atmosphere they give a room makes me feel peaceful.
  25. QI is my favourite comedy quiz show.
  26. I love Stephen Fry as the narrator of the Harry Potter audiobooks.
  27. I also love James Masters (Spike from Buffy) as the narrator of the Dresden Files.
  28. I’ve never been in a long term relationship.
  29. I hate talking about myself – one of the reasons I started this blog was to help me open up.
  30. I love fig roll biscuits.
  31. I could binge watch a TV show in a weekend.
  32. I’ve realised money is not the most important thing in life and work
  33. I Live in trainers. Even at work! 
  34. If I’m not doing anything of an evening I put my pjs on as so as I get home from work.
  35. I become overly attached I fictional characters.
  36. The Lion King is my favourite movie.
  37. My favourite colour is purple.
  38. I want to travel the world and see as many different places as I can.
  39. I think book tokens are the best presents (or coffee!).
  40. I’m quite precious about my space and m not one for having guest very often.
  41. I hate clothes shopping, but wish I liked it.
  42. Vancouver is my favourite city.
  43. I want to live in a city one day.
  44. I love a good list.
  45. 45 is my favourite number!

What is important for me?

I’m working hard to overcome my recent frustrations by focusing on what I can do to get myself on a better path for me.  I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about what is really important to me and worked out it is essentially these four things:

  • Fit, healthy, and happy in body and mind
  • Peaceful home with happy cats
  • Successful career in the ways that matter to me
  • Good and inspiring people around me

It’s that simple, but I know I complicate things. I do things that don’t help achieve any of these and that makes me unhappy or feel torn and frustrated. I am not living the life that aligns to the things I really want out of it. I don’t feel torn or conflicted about any of the above, which shows me they are my core beliefs and values and are based solely on what I want and need.

So over the next week or so I’m going to look closely at the changes I would like to make. I don’t think any will be super drastic, but rather will take work to make them habitual. I also need to think about how to make them habits, for example what reminders I will need to make sure I do them each time.

I’ve got started on a few things already:

  • Decluttering my house has been ongoing for a few months. I have a pile of stuff in one corner of my bedroom I need to get rid of. I also know there is more stuff I don’t use or need clogging up my space, so a major clear is planned for this weekend.
  • In order to cook more regularly I have ordered a box from Simply Cook, using a discount code from Nics Nutrition. My plan when the first box arrives is to cook once a week and eat that meal for a few days. The other days I can have my standard chilli or stir fry. This will also mean I am eating different things and trying new recipes and overcoming my food boredom.
  • I’m spending the coming weekend with lovely friends at a candle afternoon tea party and then planning a budget European Christmas market trip for later in the year.
  • For work I have applied for two progression roles and am prepping for one more. Hopefully I get an interview and will be moving upwards in the near future. So interview preparation will be a priority. Also a new outfit will be required!
  • I’ve signed up to WW online in order to bring my eating habits back into balance and lose weight. The first thing I going to change is to add more protein to my diet by pickling some eggs and having a stock of pickled veggies in the house to snack on.

I feel great about all my plans above. I’m going through a low period and that’s okay; I know it’s only temporary and I am doing everything I can to come out the other side. By focusing on things I can do and take action makes me feel better and understand that control is relative.  It’s how I react to things that cause me stress and anxiety. Choosing to be positive and take action to change things is a good reaction to how I currently feel. I could easily hide myself away and wait for it all to pass by, but that is not how I want to live my life.

I want this!

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