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Going back to where I started…

I’ve been thinking a lot about blogging recently and whether I actually want to stop or not. I have found I do enjoy doing it and I’m not up for trying to change to get more readers or make it anything more than an hobby.

However I have been thinking about what I want my content to be and realised I have moved away from what I started out doing and what I enjoyed writing about – the adventures in life, whether big or small!

I’ve been caught up in my own life too mush recently and forgotten about spending time doing things I enjoy and then being able to reflect and share. So I’m going back to where I started this blog and focusing on my love of tea, coffee, and exploring!

So I treated myself to some new tea and coffee to try and will be sharing my thoughts and learnings about making damn good drinks. Fingers crossed I’ll also get to go exploring more places soon too.

Adventures in Tea and Coffee… December 15 Edition

December is the time of festive coffee concoctions and each year I seem to be less and less enthralled with them. When I started this blog in 2011 I made sure I tried every single one that Costa, Starbucks, and Nero had to offer, but now I am searching out coffee roasters to enjoy their festive blends instead. However I haven’t even started on two of the 4 festive blends I purchased as I was unwell and so they will have to wait until January. I did still have a few of the festive drinks as it was time for catching up with friends and needing breaks from Christmas shopping.

Starbucks Eggnog Latte

A decadent must have for me. I know many coffee experts wouldn’t even count this as coffee, but I do at this time of year and as I usually only have the one I enjoy it a lot.

Costa Salted Caramel Cappuccino

A new one for the Costa menu this year. It’s basically a sweet cappuccino and I wouldn’t bother again as I didn’t get a hint of salted caramel at all. Such as shame as I was hoping this would be a good one.

Jeeves of Jericho Oxford brew

I went to Millets Farm to find some stocking fillers and took a break in their cafe and tried a tea I’ve not had before from Oxford based tea company Jeeves of Jericho and really enjoyed it. I will be looking at ordering from them in the future.

Cafe Nero Praline Latte

Another festive try this year. This was on the same wavelength as the salted caramel cappuccino. I think I am not a fan of sweetened coffee anymore. It just makes me thirsty and does nothing for the actual taste of the coffee.

Rave Rwanda Simbi flat white

A trip to Rave Coffee in Cirencester saw me order my favourite flat white with the origin coffee of the month from Rwanda. It was a nice choice as it has a bit of a bite too it that even came through in the flat white. I also purchased some of my favourite fudge blend and also their festive Hurrave blend.

Hope and Glory Spice Winter Coffee

My coffee of christmas week. This has been rather nice and although it could only be order pre-ground it was kept nicely over the week. I do prefer to get beans and grind as I go, but wanted to try this one with the spices. I would get this again, but I would also look to try and make my own version by adding spices in a pour over with a favourite bean.

Starbuck Christmas Blend 2015

I always get a bag of this and take it to my parents for Christmas Day and Boxing Day. They only have instant coffee, but also do not appreciate fresh coffee as much as I do, so this one is the perfect compromise.

Quite a busy month for different drinks and also for building up a stash of beans to enjoy in January. I am going away in January and am debating getting an Aeropress to take with me as I follow a number of people on Twitter and Instagram that travel with them and it looks like a fantastic idea for having good coffee on the go. Some even take grinders, so it’s something I am going to look at for 2016 as well as getting better at brewing good coffee at home buy getting a scale.

I hope you have a good year of coffee and I’m looking forward to making 2016 an even better year.

Adventures in Tea and Coffee… November 2015

This month I have worked through the big stash of Rave coffee beans I bought last month and it’s good that I bought extra as I have not been that way since. I will be making a special trip in the next week or so to pick up their Christmas blend.

The coffee I’ve just started is my first Christmas Blend from Taylors. It’s nice and dark and warming. It’s not a complex taste and surprising smooth for a pre-package coffee.

Tea wise I treated myself to teapigs winter spiced tea and am loving it. It’s so warm and spicy on a dark evening and smells divine.


This month has really been about trying out my new toy – the Bodum pour over! I really want a big chemex, but saw this when was out shopping and couldn’t resist for £15. I love the pour over method for brewing coffee as it just takes a bit more time and makes it a bit of a ritual.

Plus I love the way it looks while brewing!

I also found a new purple version of my french press. Mine has been splitting at the bottom for a while and I’ve been worried it will break. I’m going to keep it though as it will be useful tot make places where I won’t mind if it does get broken.

This is my favourite time of year for coffee  and tea.

Adventures in Coffee and Tea – October 15 Edition

 I’ve decided to streamline my posts so am bring together my adventures in coffee and tea into a monthly update to share with you all.

There has been a nice selection of drinks I’ve been having the last month or so.

First up I got a free sample from Starbucks and I liked it a lot. I have a preference for Guatemalian coffee so this was a nice freebie to get. I tried it in both my espresso maker and as a pour over and both were very nice.

Next up I was lucky to win a Twitter competition by Hope and Glory to try their Honduras coffee. This was a nice change for me I found it lighter and more a six than what I would normally go for. I tried it a variety of ways and found the French press with milk suited this coffee for me. It left the oils in and could be made quite strong and then the milk added some balance.   

 Also in October I took a trip to Cardiff to visit a fried s and we went for late lunch at Barkers Tea House. I had the house blend breakfast tea and it was lovely. I also had a sandwich and came, both of which were excellent and we are planning to head back for a proper afternoon tea before Christmas.


I’ve been working my way through a stock of Bluebird tea I have and the first one is coffee pu’erh. I really like this. It’s a strong smoked tea and the adoration of whole coffee beans gives it a deep flavour that isn’t quite tea, but also not quite coffee. I refit sky recommend trying this one if you love both coffee and tea. It’s great on a weekend morning when I can’t make up my mind of what I want.


I also found the Hot Cross Bun tea I bought back in April! This one was okay.mots not my favourite, but was it was nice to try some ring different and I do like to have a rooibos tea for the cold evenings.


I found this one, but I’m sure this is a multiple from last year, but is definitely a favourite from Bluebird as it feels like a guilt free mocha drink.


This was the month of finds of the tea I got last winter and the. Didn’t finish before it got warmer. I think I meant to give this one as a present, but nevermind. This has felt nice on an evening while cosying up with a good book as its dark and rainy and turning to winter. I don’t normally like ginger based drinks, but as long a only lightly brew this works great for me.  

I also treated myself to new mug of my Halloween trip to the Harry Potter Studio. This is a great size mug!


Lovely Update of Life Recently

Sometimes I don’t think I take care of myself as well as I need to. Or the ways I think I am taking care of myself aren’t really what I need, but rather done out of habit and ease.

I’ve been following a few lifestyle blogs recently and realised what I love about them is basically they are all about taking care of yourself in the ways that matter to you. They are sometimes about fitness and weight, but most of the time are about what I am striving for – having daily adventures and enjoying life.

I’ve let myself get wound up in recent months and thrown off in a direction I don’t want to continue in. I’m not u-turning and heading backwards to start again, rather re-directing my path to take another course and see what comes my way.

So here is a roundup of some of the things I have been enjoying in life over the last few months.


I signed up for Laura’s email series #Askthequestion back in March and loved every week it came into my inbox. It made me leave my desk at work and head out for a coffee and a bit of internal soul searching. I love Laura’s blog too and she has just published an e-book – The Book of Brave – that I devoured in a couple of nights. Laura’s writing makes me laugh, think, cry, and want to push myself beyond the boundaries I have put in place. She is honest and says it as she sees it. She is my girl crush.

Coffee Run


I’ve been a bit rubbish with keeping stocked up and trying new coffee beans and roasters since I stopped my subscription last year and went to the London Coffee Festival back in March. So last weekend I made a coffee run to Cirencester (about 15 miles away) to go to Rave Coffee and get some new beans to try. I’m currently on the Fudge Blend, which is a lovely smooth blend, perfect for any time of day. I had a lovely hour out and chatted to one of the team about cold brew and different grinders while enjoying a flat white, which is my indulgence coffee of choice. It was fun to do and I appreciated that solo trip just for coffee; it reminded me of why I love doing that.

Rearranging my workspace


I’ve found my home space has felt a little cluttered and got to the point I was doing everything from the sofa, which was not constructive for me. Also I had turned my space room/office space into a cat room, which was also just a bit silly seeing as they follow me around the house anyway! So I sorted out and tidied up and was left with a space I can keep my laptop, journal, and filing in a usable space. It’s not exactly what I want, but with only using what I already have it is so much better than it was. It is currently where I am writing this post from!

A flyby visit to Plymouth 


I was down in Cornwall for work and managed to arrange some time to catch up with my friend Ingrid. We caught in a Starbucks and then wandered to find food and jumped at Yo! Sushi, especially as they were offering their special apple gyoza and sesame ice cream cone yumness in the photo above. Ingrid and I share a love of food and geekness without any judgement and I wish we lived closer so we could have that all the time. It was great to stop by and reminded I love her so much and we need to get together more often for our health obviously!

Black Forest Tea

I stocked up on some new tea when I was down in Brighton back in April with the girls for the Brighton Marathon weekend. They had this as their new tea and I only recently got round to opening it and I love it so much! It’s cherry flavour mainly with black tea, which makes it sweet, but not overly so and is great when I come in from work and feeling hungry, but I’m not really.

Lastly, but by no means least,

Kitty Love







My cats are so much fun and I think are coming round to the ideas of cuddles, although I think Pippin draws the line at selfies. They have gradually gotten more affectionate and play with me without using claws more often than not now. They are super spoilt though and below is their latest gift – Poopy Cat Blocks – I plan on switching the their litter boxes once they offer a multi-cat subscription as I think it will make life much easier and the litter boxes themselves look a lot nicer than the plastic ones I have.


Taking care of ourselves is about the little things we do. Those build up to make something much bigger and make life much more enjoyable. For me the important thing is to make sure I appreciate the smaller things and make them happen while I am waiting for something bigger to arrive.

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