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Dodo Pad Meal Planning

I’ve been getting back into good habits recently by meal planning and making proper shopping lists and it’s working well. I bought a Dodo Pad last year as I love the structure of it, plus my general love for fun stationary makes this a repeat purchase. It provides pages of of tables with dates and doodle pages for my lists. There is enough boxes for me to put in meals and exercise and also other things that I have going on that I know will impact on my meals or timing.

It feels good to be getting organised again and it’s nice to make the time to do this. Combined with my new delivery service from Mindful Chef (more info on that next week!) it’s feeling really good.

I can also make sure I do my shopping lists when looking at recipes and in my cupboards. This then stays on my kitchen counter for me to look at easily. It also allows me to make changes as required as there as time when we need to be flexible.

However there are also weeks that do not go to plan at all and end up looking like a scribbled mess, but this means I’m using it as I go and partly as a diary/tracker as well as a planning tool.

I find when it comes to eating well I need to be organised and have what I need easily available. This is also really helpful if you want to reduce waste, which I was getting a bit bad with mainly because I was buying too much for one person. Making the time to prepare means I can handle when things need to change. It makes during the week much less stressful and reduces the likelihood of popping to the shop on the way home from work. I’ve tried many ways of doing this and have found that writing it down is the best for me as it seems to stick in my memory much longer than trying to do it on the computer or through an app. You’ve got to find what works for you and then it’s about being disciplined with it. I know I need to do this, so now I am planning in that time each week as an appointment to myself and that is working really well. I’ve done this with my blog post writing as well and it really works for me.

Find what works for you and then discipline yourself to do it. I find motivation is temporary and comes and goes, but discipline builds habits that last.

MyProtein Impact Diet Whey Protein Powder

The folks over at MyProtein were kind enough to send me over some free products to review and I jumped at the chance to try a new flavour of protein powder – Latte!!


I started out by trying the protein powder with milk and water, and then a combination of both. For me the milk was the nicest, but the combination of adding a bit of water was a good compromise. It was creamy with the milk, whereas it was too watery without.

I liked the flavour. It could do with a bit more coffee coming through, but otherwise as a sweet iced latte type drink the flavour worked really well. I added a shot of espresso a couple of times when I was having for breakfast and that brought the flavour out really well (just make sure you shake it in well). I found it a little sweet for straight after exercise, but once I had cooled down and recovered a bit, it was much better and my body enjoyed it.

The only downside I have found with this protein powder is that I cannot seem to get it to mix fully. I find it quite a grainy texture in the drink and cannot seem to get it smooth. I tried different types of shaker bottles and also my milk frother whisk to see if any worked, but I think it just meant to be grainy. I did find leaving it to dissolve for a good 5 minutes helped, but it was still a texture I can’t get fully behind. I think the only thing I didn’t try was adding to a smoothie where that texture is expected. For me though I like smooth protein powders.

I received the 1.45kg pouch, which would normally cost £19.49. I think that is good value. I double the amount of servings I get out of the bag as find the double scoop suggestion is too much for me, so I half it for my purposes.

Overall I really liked the flavour and will continue to use the pouch I have to see if I can find the best way for me to get the drink I want at a texture I like. At the moment I would not buy just to drink as a protein shake, purely down to the texture, but I am hopeful I can find a smoothie recipe after christmas that I love – I’ll keep you updated!

The folks over at MyProtein were also kind enough to send me a link to their discount pages, so head over there and see what you can find! http://www.myprotein.com/voucher-codes.list

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