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Things My Kittens Love


Overall my kittens love anything that moves or can be moved. They love playing with me when I am throwing or dangling things, but they also love things they can move themselves when they play.

  • The insides of loo rolls or kitchen rolls

An excellent cheap and easy way to entertain two kittens! I vary it between giving them the rolls whole or with the end cuts up. I think they like these because they can lift them and bat them around easily. They are light and can be picked up and carried around (or away from each other).


  • Cardboard boxes

They love sitting in them of course, but they also love to chew them. They don’t eat them as there is rarely anything missing, just lots of bite marks. I think they just like the different texture on their teeth.  Shoeboxes are currently the perfect size for sleeping in, whereas delivery boxes are fun to jump in and out of.




  • Feathers

This is the only thing guaranteed to make Merry growl. She is a little territorial when it comes to playing with the feathers on a string. They love feathers and therefore toys with feathers do not last long. I am pretty sure they eat the feathers as I do not hoover up that many. I am going to look into making my own cat toys with feathers as it could get fairly expensive the way they are going through them!

  • Lasers

This was a lazy buy for me. I love playing with my kittens, but with all the swimming I’ve been doing I found I was struggling to find the energy. This toy, which they love, means I can lie on the sofa and play with them – I told you it was lazy!

I’ve gone a bit cat toy mad for December. Basically I think I have bought every Christmas pudding cat toys that was available!

All About Cats

I am learning all the time what cats need and how I can make sure they have a happy and healthy life with me.  So I thought I would share some things I’ve been learning recently (yes my blog might become cat focused for the foreseeable future, but it is all part of my adventures in life).


I have decided to use the food recommended by the vets I take Merry and Pippin to and that is Hill’s Vets Essentials Kitten Food. Both of them seem to enjoy it and I gradually moved them over from Whiskas (what they were being fed by the family I got them from) and on to this dry food only on the advice of the vet.


This is where I give myself some flexibility with what I give them. I like to make sure they are good for cats, but I also want them to enjoy them and know they are different from the everyday food. I use a mix of Dreamies, M&S chewy treats, and any other chewy/soft sticks or shapes I can find and are reputable. I keep them in a jar and the kittens know where it is and what it sounds like. I use it to call them to me a lot (and reward them for it). I also give them tuna and fish I cook every so often – always on their own plate, never from mine – as a very special treat.


I am just starting to rotate their toys as I am aware that they will become bored of the same ones around after a few weeks. I also buy some new toys every month as Merry has a tendency to chew the feathers off the toys and I know that is the part they enjoy the most. I have also found that simple things such as boxes and the inside cardboard of toilet rolls can be just as much fun as anything I buy specifically for them as they are lights and can be chewed and thrown around. I keep a couple of stick toys out of sight as they tend to go a bit crazy for these and only bring them out for special treats or when guests are around and want to play without the risk of getting scratched.


One of the first things I bought after I got them was a water fountain as it was very hot and I didn’t think they were drinking enough. I have also positioned it so they can watch the room while they drink. Pippin has taken to dipping a paw in and then cleaning his face (he also likes the bath tub for some reason).  I want to keep them off the kitchen counters so do not encourage drinking from the taps.


I’ve been taking them outside every so often as they enjoy eating grass and catching spiders. I’m keeping them as indoor cats, but I need to be more consistent with taking them into the garden on the leads so they know it is a regular thing. I am going to up my training and start taking them through the garage, rather than the front door, so if I ever decide get cat flaps installed they would already know the route to the garden. I need to get another litter tray as now they are getting bigger, so is their business, and find occasionally if I have been out longer than normal one of them will have dirty and smelly paw. So as they are extremely clean creatures I need to make sure I provide them the space so they do not get put off using the trays.


They like to sleep a lot. I have bought them beds that are on either side of my bed as they like to be up high or under the bed out of sight. I also keep the carriers in the front room, without the doors on, for them to hide in. I don’t think my house has that many hiding places, so I am trying to provide these for them. However they will also fall asleep in the middle of the room on the carpet or on the sofa arm, so I think they are okay.

I’m a bit paranoid at the moment about learning everything I can about how to make Merry and Pippin have happy, healthy lives. I worry that keeping them indoors or restricting the outside time is not a good thing to door, but everyone I talk to seems to have a different opinion. I’m happy if I know I can make the time to take them outside every day for 15 minutes. It would cause me a lot of stress and worry to let them roam freely.

Mynwood Cat Walking Jackets

I bought a lilac jacket for Merry and a purple jacket for Pippin and although they were not too sure to begin with they now know that putting on the jackets means they can go outside and catch spiders and eat grass.

Maria was super helpful when I contacted her about choosing the right size for the kittens. They have kitten jackets at the moment, which will last while they grow. The Velcro is currently all used, but there is enough to be able to extend the length of the neck and under body pieces for the future. I will very likely purchase bigger ones once they have reaches their full size.




The jackets feel very secure and I don’t think limit the kittens manoeuvrability in any way. They have started to jump, pouch, and run in the garden. They are easy to put on and take off once I hold them firmly facing away from me as instructed in the video on the website. They are well made in terms of stitching and fabric and give me confidence when taking both Merry and Pippin outside.



I have only taken them out in the evening so far. Always around dusk as it tends to be quieter on my street. As we head into winter I will have to go out in the dark, but I can wrap up or take them out in the morning before work. I am only taking them out as a treat at the moment as I can’t get into a routine due to my commitments, but would love to get to the point of taking them out every day.


Lead training is taking time, but they are responding to stopping and not being able to go any further than allowed. Walking alongside them is different matter. I can get them to make their way from the front door to the garden, but would not be able to walk them along the road just yet. Maybe in time I will be able to walk them to the field just down the road.


I would definitely recommend these to anyone with indoor cats or any cat that you want to keep safe while outside. If I ever move or have to take them on a long car journey these will be great as I would be able to stop somewhere quiet and let them out along the way.

The Personalities of Merry and Pippin

My life recently has been all about cats, so I thought I better start sharing their adventures, as adventures, even the smallest ones, are why I started this blog in the first place!

My kittens are now over 5 months old! They moved in with me back at the beginning of August and have made themselves at home. They have been through a lot in the two months since moving in. They have been to the vet multiple times for vaccinations, warming, fleas, nurturing, and check-ups. Merry has even had to wear the cone for 10 days! Their shaved patches are growing back.


I’ve been reading a number of cat blogs and books and wanted to do a post about their personalities. Even though they are brother and sister from the same litter they look different and act very differently.



  • The girl, aka the boss (and will growl if you get in her way)
  • Silently judging from where ever she may be perched
  • Doesn’t meow, but rather chirps to communicate
  • Doesn’t like car rides – at her most vocal
  • Obsessed with tissues and socks
  • Approach to life is ‘claws first, ask questions later’
  • Aim in life is to reach the next level of the bookshelf
  • Sleeps either under the bed or in the middle (if I’m not there)
  • Fluffy and requires grooming, although prefers to bite the brush
  • Nick-names: Miss, Squeaker , The Wriggler , Spider-cat


  • The boy
  • Vocal in his displeasure of me talking to him when he wants to sleep
  • Easy to pick up and more a lap cat if you sit still long enough
  • Obsessed with feet, especially when they move
  • Always hungry (excellent at catching spiders for bonus nutrition)
  • Approach to life is to ‘always show affection in the moment, especially at 3am’
  • Aim in life is to break the record for fastest decent down the stairs
  • Sleeps in a carrier or in the cat bed on top of the laundry basket
  • Nick-names: Bud, Speedy, Noisy, Explorer-cat

They are both definitely going through their teenage years and go from one mood to the next without notice.


I have been taking them out in the garden on leads in their Mynwood Jackets (separate post to come) and they really enjoy it. They will now walk out the front door and make their way to the garden through gentle persuasion rather than have to be carried out. I am in constant debate of whether I should just let them roam free. It is purely selfish reasons I don’t want them to as I know it would cause me stress and worry wondering where they are and if they are safe. I am looking at safe collars for identification purposes, even though they have been micro-chipped. I don’t particularly want to get cat flaps as I would require two to go out through into the garage and then outdoors. I want them to be happy, but I want them to be safe.


Loving Life

Getting Merry and Pippin was a great decision. They are fantastic company and are still getting more affectionate with each day.


They are also crazy at times and love to look at anything I have – including tea and sparkling water!


Plus they are so cute when they sleep!








I’ve also been training them to wear harnesses and walk forward on the lead for treats and it’s working really well. I only have them on for a little bit each day and reward them for their good behaviour and they have gone form hating to having them on to this week falling asleep with them on as I add a few minutes on each time. These aren’t the ones I’m actually going to use as they are too big and I feel they are not that comfortable once attached the leads so I plan on getting some jacket ones which I’ve seen online and look much better fitting.



They make me feel happy when I come home and I love staying in now and playing with them and watching them sleep and explore. I’ve been slacking on my exercise, but I’m not beating myself up about it as I’ll only get this time with them as kittens once and I want to enjoy it. I feel happy right now and that is such as different place to where I’ve been for the last few years and I want to give them a great life and be around for them for their whole lives.

The death of Robin Williams is another reminder of how precious life is and that everyone is fighting their own battles. Asking for help and making steps to help ourselves shows strength and admitting that you are not okay is the first step and the bravest one to take. Merry and Pippin have made me love life again and I’m so thankful for that.


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