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Swimming Gala Results 2014!

In my 2014 swimming club champs I took part in all 17 events running. I hadn’t trained specifically for these, so my goal was to complete all events, rather than worry about beating times. However I did manage to beat some of my times from last year, which is a nice bonus.

  1. 200m Breaststroke = 03:44                 (2013 = 03:43)
  2. 50m Breaststroke 00:48:97                 (2013 = 00:52)
  3. 100m Freestyle = 01:28                         (2013 = 01:30)
  4. 100m Backstroke = 01:42                    (2013 = 01:42)
  5. 50m Butterfly = 00:39:48                      (2013 = 00:44)
  6. 400m Freestyle = 06:27                         (2013 = 06:32)
  7. 200m Butterfly = 03:49
  8. 200m Backstroke = 03:36
  9. 200m Individual Medley = 03:30       (2013 = ?)
  10. 800m Freestyle = 13:20                         (2013 = 13:16)
  11. 400m Individual Medley = 07:28
  12. 200m Freestyle = 03:10
  13. 100m Individual Medley = 01:37.62
  14. 100m Butterfly = 01:42:38
  15. 100m Breaststroke = 01:48:56
  16. 50m Freestyle = 00:40:00
  17. 50m Backstroke = 00:48:52

My one goal after last year’s events was to commit to doing the 800m Freestyle with tumble turns and I did! I was expecting to be a lot slower than 4 seconds as they still wear me out, but I feel in more or a rhythm when I do them. I am extremely happy I kept to this goal. My goal for 2014 is sorting out my bilateral breathing for both the 400m and 800m Freestyle (and bonus for my open water swimming!)

2014 Swimming Club Champs

Tonight starts the annual Swimming Club Champs and this year I am going to have a go at every single event!

  • 200m Breaststroke
  • 50m Butterfly
  • 100m Freestyle
  • 50m Breaststroke
  • 100m Backstroke
  • 400m Freestyle
  • 200m Butterfy (why did I put my name down for this?)
  • 200m Backstroke
  • 800m Freestyle (Goal – to do with tumble turns)
  • 400m Individual Medley (again why did I sign up for this?)
  • 200m Freestyle
  • 100m Butterfly
  • 50m Freestyle
  • 100m Individual Medley
  • 50m Backstroke
  • 100m Breaststroke
  • 200m Individual Medley

This is 17 events over the next four weeks! There are a few more Masters swimmers doing it this year than previous years, which is why I have signed up to all the events.  My only consolation is that I will get the Women’s shield again as the ladies are only doing the Saturday night short distance events, so by doing the most events (and then most points) I will get to have my name engraved again. It really is the taking part that counts as I will not beat them in the actual races ;)

Weekly Workouts 27th October 2014

Not quite such a good week. A busy week, but that impacted on the amoutn of exercise I could do and wanted to do.

Monday = Run 2 miles in 24 minutes (missed running club as out for an Indian meal)


Tuesday = Swimming club – 3400m in 90 minutes

Wednesday = Running Club – 4.4 miles in 54 minutes


Thursday = Walking around Bristol waterfront (meal in Bristol)

Friday = Bike ride of 16.7 miles in 81 minutes (Halloween party)


Saturday = helped at local firework event (hungover after party and sore throat)

Sunday = swim coaching (felt worse with cold)

So that is a total of 4 hours and 15 minutes. Not quite reaching my 5 hour target. I also don’t think i will make it this coming week as am starting the week with a stupid head cold and am taking the decision to rest up in hopes it will disappear. I also have two nights out this week for meals.

So rather than fitness I will be focusing on food. I know that a healthy body and strong body starts in the kitchen and I could exercise all day but never lose weight if I don’t get my eating in order.

Planning for Success



In my job working in projects we talk a lot about setting things up for success and that got me thinking about how I can help myself work towards my goals in successful ways.

2015 is going to be a big year for me. I turn thirty and have set myself my biggest challenge to date of completing a half ironman distance triathlon.

So I need to set myself up for success and in order to do that I need to plan.

I currently use a Moleskine journal to record my bullet journal and that is working really well for me. I have decided to add to this by using the Moleskine Wellness journal template you can get online to stick into your own notebooks. I like the goals pages and how they are set up into both monthly and weekly.

The monthly templates I have used to insert all the events I am taking part in and will add specific weight, fitness, and personal goals at the beginning of each month.




The weekly ones I will use to be very specific about what I want to achieve that week. This will be update to date with any commitments so I can be realistic and flexible in my approach. There is no point in saying I will always do my ideal week of swimming club, running club, and cycling, if I have to go away for work!



I really like being able to tick things of my list and I think this is why the bullet journal idea has worked so well for me as it allows me to be organised and tick things off a list. So going back to weekly goals will help me take small steps to reaching my bigger goals. I won’t be sharing all the details of my goals, but I wanted to share how I organizing my goals and therefore setting myself up for success.

Planning 2015 Already

Event entries for next year are already opening and lots are opening over the next couple months – especially triathlons! So I thought I better get planning to make sure all the ones I want to do are in my diary and budgeted for (it all adds up!).

So what am I thinking right now?

January – Skiing for 30th

February – Round One Wiltshire Masters Gala

April – Good Fri Tri (pool based) and Brighton Marathon 10k

May – Royal Wootton Bassett Triathlon and Cotswold Sprint Triathlon

June – Cotswold Women’s Only Sprint Triathlon and Round Two Wiltshire Masters Gala

July – Big Cotswold Swim (2 mile lake) and Pier to Pier Swim (1.4 mile sea)

August – Cotswold Classic 70.3 Triathlon and maybe an Events Logic distance swim (3km or 5km)

September – Cotswold Sprint Triathlon

October – Round 3 Wiltshire Masters Gala

November – Swimming Club Championship Galas

WOW lots going on already!

I would like to do an event each month of 2015. Not all crazy challenges, but something to keep me focused and motivated. So I will probably look out for 5k or 10k runs and cycle events for those missing months (March and December). There is also the possibility of an aqua-bike event, but I don’t have the date for that yet. Also my running club are thinking the London Dualathlon, but I would only do that as part of a relay team.

I also want to get back into doing Parkruns once a month. I haven’t done one yet in 2014 and I miss having that way to monitor my progress.

I also plan on volunteering at triathlons again next year, but need to plan it around my training to make sure it doesn’t impact.

It sure does add up when you start looking at a whole year. I will need to pay entry for all of these and also make sure my kit is right through the year. I’ve currently planned in two trainer purchases and bike services. Clothing will have to be budgeted in as required, but I have become a fan of the range Aldi bring out for cycling. I would also like to purchase tri-bars for next season to ease the pressure on my back on longer rides. I am planning on also getting a proper swimming wetsuit and have a wish list of a dryrobe and new trisuit! This is on top of the normal swimming attire I have to get fairly regularly. It is all adding up!

So much to do! I suppose it is good that I’m only planning on a skiing holiday next year and that is in January! This will take up a lot of my time, energy, and money. Therefore aspects of my life I don’t prioritise as highly will be impacted – sorry that means social events that aren’t fitness related! If you want to see me you’ll have to give me plenty of notice next year!

I’m really looking forward to 2015 and am planning on ending 2014 on a high and set up for an active year :)

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