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Simplifying My Style

As well as cooking and makeup I’m looking at my style this year. I really want to be comfortable in the clothes I wear and have them show off my personality more than they currently do.

Clothes have always been a bit of a mystery to me. I’ve never been a girl who loves clothes shopping and tend to go out a couple of times a year and buy everything I need in one go. I’ve found I end up with a mis-mash of clothes that recently I’ve been struggling to make go together and that I feel comfortable in. I think weight has always been part of my non-love of clothes and continues to influence the way I dress myself. It’s definitely the area of my life I let other peoples opinions overrule my own thoughts and that is something I want to work on changing.

I’m going to start by looking at what I wear to work. I saw this article ages ago and it has been stuck in my mind ever since.

I loved this so much. It resonated with me at my core. I think this is because for so long I have tried to take an interest in fashion, but it is not natural to me. I would much prefer to keep it simple yet stylish. I want to spend my time thinking about and doing the things that are really important to me, rather than worry about the things that aren’t high on my priority list.

So I am creating my own work uniform – black trousers, black t-shirt top, and colourful cardigan with shoes or boots (depending on the weather. For me this keeps things simple, while letting my personality come out through my colourful cardigans.

Outside of work I am also looking to make sure my personality comes through. A lot of the time I am in jeans and tops or sports clothes for swimming. I am going to streamline things a bit more and sort out my cupboard and focus on great fitting jeans and tops. I’ll also make sure I have some smarter pieces or things can be dressed up for those occasional nights out. I will also have some really smart things for really special events like weddings!

I feel really confident about this switch in focus on this area of my life. I am going to go with my gut and wear what feels good to me and shut out the haters. I want to be body positive and this for me means I wear what I want to wear and support what others want to wear too. I don’t think I’ll ever be so confident I will show lots of skin, but I want to be as confident as I am happy to be in everything I wear. This will be a learning and growing process and will probably change as I move through my thirties and I’m looking forward to that, but for now I’m all about simplicity and feeling great!

There are two areas I do want to start cultivating fun pieces to add some quirkiness to my look. This is through fandom t-shirts and jewelry! I’ve already got my eye on these things!

These cat face earrings from Black Heart Creatives (just need to get my ears re-pierced)

 This necklace with my favourite quote inside (not pictured) from The Locket Library

Blog Love – A Thrifty Mrs

I’ve been taking a good look at my life and finances lately and to say its frustrating is an understatement. It’s downright stressful. I am constantly reorganising my budget to fit things in and take things out. I can’t seem to go a week without something needing to change.

When it comes to my budget, all bills and payments come out first. Then what is left is for me to do with as I please – spend or save. However saving is a limited activity at the moment. So I have been looking for ways to cut back on my spending – specifically my food and toiletries and things like that.

In my search I came across this blog – A Thrifty Mrs – and plan on testing out some of her ideas for myself.

First up will be changing supermarkets. Now I don’t shop anywhere expensive (Asda to be exact), but I’ve heard so many people talk about Aldi I feel I should give it a go. So from next week that is where I will be headed to see if I like it and if it saves me money. I’ve been keeping my receipts from my Asda shop to compare. A Thrifty Mrs has a good guide on what is worth buying and what is not worth buying at Aldi, so I have a good starting point.

I am also going to take a look at my skincare regime as I feel it needs a shakeup. I’ve been having more breakouts than usual so I want to look at that, but not end up spending a stupid amount of money on a new regime. A Thrifty Mrs has given me ideas!

There are also other fabulous ideas on the blog I am going to borrow to help treat myself well without blowing the bank:

I like to share some blog love every now and then and A Thrifty Mrs has been super helpful at a time when things feel hard.

Things I’m Loving… Becoming the Odd Duck

I’ve been reading a lot of blog recently (had a lot of downtime) and today I want to share another blog with you that I love – Becoming the Odd Duck by Laura 🙂

I’ve been reading Laura’s blog for a while as her journey through weight loss resonate with my own. I am also inspired by the fact she gave up her office job to become a Registered Dietician and is currently doing her internship – so fantastic and brave!

I started reading Laura’s blog as inspiration for weight loss and fitness, but she also blogs about fashion – which I have gone back over in the last month and taken more notice of 🙂

Laura is another blogger who is real and writes about all aspects of her life, rather than focusing on just the positive. We aren’t perfect and I am more inspired by people who admit their mistakes than hide them. Hiding problems has gotten me in to trouble in the past and my blog is helping me be honest with myself. I think this is my Laura’s blog resonates with me so much 🙂

I joined Laura’s fitness challenges at the beginning of the year and found them motivating. The idea got me setting small monthly goals, that complemented my bigger gaols and working towards them. I was also introduced to the 80/20 rule, which has been a big help with my all-or-nothing thinking – involves thinking that reaching 80% of a goal is fantastic as you cannot be perfect 100% of the time – again really helpful with thinking about food and diet. It is the real approach to her life that inspires me and I trust her information as it is what she is studying and cannot thank her enough for sharing it with us on her blog!

Here are some lovely posts from Laura’s blog I’ve loved reading:

I can’t encourage enough to take a wander over to Laura’s blog and have a read. A lovely blog from a lovely person – thanks Laura for taking the time to share your story 🙂

Things I’m Loving… Skinny Emmie

When I decided to think about fashion and my style my first port of call was Skinny Emmie, self-described as a “weight loss blogger, fashion lover, social media marketer, and writer”.

I love Emmie’s blog! I’ve been a silent reader for a couple of years, but want to give her a shout out today 🙂

Emmie splits her blog between fashion and weight loss/fitness. I find it inspiring because of the confidence she displays and her honesty when the going gets tough. It is refreshing to read blogs that show all sides of the story. Sometimes on our journey’s we feel very isolated, but reading blogs for me is showing me I’m not and I’m trying to reach out to other blogs to do the same.

I recently went back through Emmie’s blog to look more at the fashion posts for inspiration for updating my work wardrobe. I love Emmie’s confidence in trying all sorts of different clothes not knowing if they will feel or look how she expects. I went back to her original fashion post back in 2009 and relate to her frustration about not being able to find professional clothes. I am inspired by all the online shopping she does and am jealous I don’t live in the US to just copy everything! However I am going to make it my mission in 2013 to look for similar shops in the UK online and take a few risks with what I buy as I can always send them back. I think this will make clothes shopping more enjoyable as there is nothing worse than going to loads of shops and not finding anything – it can really knock your confidence.

Here are some posts I have loved reading recently:

I can’t encourage my lovely readers enough to go over to Emmie’s blog to read her story and be inspired! Thanks to Emmie for writing such an amazing blog and inspiring me to look at fashion and style in a new way 🙂

Wanderings in Fashion… Fossil Sunglasses

This I admit is a totally random purchase for November, but a new outlet store opened in my town and I couldn’t resist. I chose my christmas present from my parents but also wanted to buy something for myself so I treated myself to these sunglasses!

The photos are great but they are a purple/brown colour.

I just loved how they looked on (again not the best photo) and they cover the whole of my eyes so will be great for wearing driving as well as walking around.

I have a few Fossil things as they are one of my favourite brands. I love the slogan on the glasses – Love Live Vintage.

This is me trying expand my wardrobe and accessories beyond my normal choices. A lot my stuff is walking or work based so I am trying to try new things and have a new work wardrobe post planned where I hope to work out some different outfits I can put together using some new purchases and some stuff I already have 🙂

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