Adventures in Swimming… Teaching Level 2 Part 3


I wanted to start this post with good news as June has been crazy busy and this is the reason why so being able to say I passed is really important to me. I just have to wait for the certificate for it to be official.

Last weekend was my final weekend on my Level 2 Teaching Aquatics course. We covered everything we had left to and planned, taught, and evaluated the last three lessons I was required to do as part of the course. The topics we covered this week were Long Term Athlete Development, Nutrition, and Growth and Development. The group was really upbeat and as we had other presentations to do I felt everyone was on the same page and wanted to help each other. We also all wanted to be done. It is a long and intensive course and sometimes felt like a repeat of some of the aspects of the Level 1 course. Overall though it was worth doing as it has given me more confidence and a better understanding of what and how I am meant to teach.  So even though I mainly coach it was great to get the basics of swimming the strokes right and know what swimmers should be doing and therefore how I can help them later on in the swimming development.

It’s not really going to change anything I do, but I will now be able take a session on my own and be insured as I kept putting my foot down while I was not qualified and refused to do that.  But now I would be happy to plan and take or oversee a whole session. In essence I could be the one in charge. Let’s be clear I don’t want that role, but I would cover for others if required.

It’s also great as a fall back career option if needed 😉

Weekly swEATs 1st July 2015

Another whirlwind week has been and gone and I feel again I have made no progress on my goals. In all honesty I have not been putting the effort in that I know I need to. I need to accept this and that it will take work to take the path I want to take.

Sweats this week:

  • Thursday I was back in the office and then went to play skittles with swimming club, which totally counts as activity in my book!
  • Friday was back on my course so the activity I did was as part of the swimming lessons I was teaching. I still had a 121 session that was hard work.
  • Saturday was the last day on my course, but was very much a static day as needed an early night for Sudnay.
  • Sunday I was finally active! I took part in the Henley Classic, which is a 2.1km swim upstream in the River Thames.
  • Monday I had 12 hours sleep then was in an all-day meeting so no activity for me.
  • Tuesday I was stuck in an office all day helping a colleague interview for a new position. I walked a bit around the property, but no structured activity.
  • Wednesday was a catch up day at work so was stuck at my computer all day. Also it was so hot for the UK – 29 degrees I think and I struggle to do anything in this kind of temperature

Eats for this week:

  • Thursday was a team lunch so I had a Piri Piri burger and then went out with the swimming club that was a buffet style so had chips, beef pie, and lasagne.
  • Friday was my course so came home and had toast.
  • Saturday I succumbed to the voucher through the door and ordered a dominos which was lunch and dinner.
  • Sunday I was up very early and then spent the day in bed, so it was sausage bap for breakfast, a chicken roll for lunch, and then Belgium bun for dinner
  • Monday was a work sandwich lunch and then steak roll for dinner
  • Tuesday was a tuna bean salad and then bagel thins for dinner.
  • Wednesday was so warm I just had fruit and yogurt for lunch and then crab pasta for dinner.

Not the best week food wise, but all decisions I made. So this week I want to plan better and use more of the food I have in my freezer.  I have a quieter week this week so I plan on spending some time reflecting over how June went and what steps I need to focus on in July to move forwards, not backwards or sideways. I know June was an extraordinary month for me and I would try not to do that again as it wasn’t overly enjoyable.

Adventures in Swimming… ASA Wiltshire Open Water Race 2015

Last weekend on top of doing my swimming course and the Solstice at Avebury I competed in the Wilsthire ASA Open Water race. There was the option of doing the 1.5km or the 3km, but due to my schedule I knew I would struggle if I did the 3km, so went for the 1.5km and was very glad I did.

It was a lovely evening and lots of people had turned up to take part, mainly kids from the lcoal swimming clubs. What I like about this event is that you have to be a certain level of ASA membership to take part, so that means it’s restricted for those who enter, making it a much smaller event and really much more enjoyable than standard open water events.

We started by doing a deep water start, which is something i love as I am not a fan of beach starts. We then headed off on two laps of the course. I felt really good on the first lap, but during the second my tiredness really hit and I lost the two people I was swimming with. I struggled to keep the pace up on the second lap so just concentrated on steady and strong swimming.

I finished in time of 27 minutes 59 seconds. I was happy with that, but also disappointed as I found the last time I swam this even back in 2009 I swam in 26 minutes 16 seconds. I know I was at my lowest weight when I did that back in 2009 and I wouldn’t have spent the weekend on a course or at the Solstice, but I was still disappointed. Next year I want to beat that time.

Overall it was great to be back in an ASA open water event and I look forward to getting some of swimming club friends taking part next year.

Wandering around Lanhydrock

Another day and another trip with my work to a beautiful location. This time it was Lanhydrock for a bit of cycling and workshop leading!


I didn’t get to go and see the house, but I am returning next month for another workshop so plan on making some time then to explore the house and parkland.

Wandering around Avebury Solstice

As part of my work I get to take part in volunteer days and some of the best opportunities are around the solstice. Last year I went to Stonehenge with my manager and this year a small group of us went to Avebury for the shortest night. I chose Avebury as it is much closer than Stonehenge, which was needed as I was on my course both sides of my shift.

We got there around 5:30pm for our 6:30pm to 11:30pm shift. It was a lovely evening and lots of people were there for a nice time. We wandered the main stone area in pairs armed with a radio and litter picker and were basiclaly on hand to help with any queries and put a stop to BBQs, fires, and camping within out quadrant.


It was good fun, even if it was a little scary when having to approach fire dancers and ask them to spin out their flames. We only had one group where the police had to get involved, which was a shame, but all part of the night. The Kings Drums came on as the sun set and played for a while. Once it got dark the mood definitely shifted slightly to being a bit more scary as people were more intoxicated and confident. I was happy to be leaving at midnight I can tell you!

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