Bullet Journal

I’ve started bullet journaling in the last month and really like it. I kept looking at different ways to journal and nothing seemed to work for me. I love lists and this suits that love down to a tee.

I have a key and can add to it as I see fit. I use a monthly view to plan my time, as well as monthly to-do list to keep me organised.


I then use a daily list of thoughts, ideas, tasks and anything else I want.


It is a great way to get my thoughts out without having to be structured. It also keeps things all in the same place and will be somewhere I can look back and review. I can also include goals in here if I choose to.

I am using my Moleskine Hobbit journal at the moment and it feels nice to put it to good consistent use, rather than for blog things only.

Mynwood Cat Walking Jackets

I bought a lilac jacket for Merry and a purple jacket for Pippin and although they were not too sure to begin with they now know that putting on the jackets means they can go outside and catch spiders and eat grass.

Maria was super helpful when I contacted her about choosing the right size for the kittens. They have kitten jackets at the moment, which will last while they grow. The Velcro is currently all used, but there is enough to be able to extend the length of the neck and under body pieces for the future. I will very likely purchase bigger ones once they have reaches their full size.




The jackets feel very secure and I don’t think limit the kittens manoeuvrability in any way. They have started to jump, pouch, and run in the garden. They are easy to put on and take off once I hold them firmly facing away from me as instructed in the video on the website. They are well made in terms of stitching and fabric and give me confidence when taking both Merry and Pippin outside.



I have only taken them out in the evening so far. Always around dusk as it tends to be quieter on my street. As we head into winter I will have to go out in the dark, but I can wrap up or take them out in the morning before work. I am only taking them out as a treat at the moment as I can’t get into a routine due to my commitments, but would love to get to the point of taking them out every day.


Lead training is taking time, but they are responding to stopping and not being able to go any further than allowed. Walking alongside them is different matter. I can get them to make their way from the front door to the garden, but would not be able to walk them along the road just yet. Maybe in time I will be able to walk them to the field just down the road.


I would definitely recommend these to anyone with indoor cats or any cat that you want to keep safe while outside. If I ever move or have to take them on a long car journey these will be great as I would be able to stop somewhere quiet and let them out along the way.

The Personalities of Merry and Pippin

My life recently has been all about cats, so I thought I better start sharing their adventures, as adventures, even the smallest ones, are why I started this blog in the first place!

My kittens are now over 5 months old! They moved in with me back at the beginning of August and have made themselves at home. They have been through a lot in the two months since moving in. They have been to the vet multiple times for vaccinations, warming, fleas, nurturing, and check-ups. Merry has even had to wear the cone for 10 days! Their shaved patches are growing back.


I’ve been reading a number of cat blogs and books and wanted to do a post about their personalities. Even though they are brother and sister from the same litter they look different and act very differently.



  • The girl, aka the boss (and will growl if you get in her way)
  • Silently judging from where ever she may be perched
  • Doesn’t meow, but rather chirps to communicate
  • Doesn’t like car rides – at her most vocal
  • Obsessed with tissues and socks
  • Approach to life is ‘claws first, ask questions later’
  • Aim in life is to reach the next level of the bookshelf
  • Sleeps either under the bed or in the middle (if I’m not there)
  • Fluffy and requires grooming, although prefers to bite the brush
  • Nick-names: Miss, Squeaker , The Wriggler , Spider-cat


  • The boy
  • Vocal in his displeasure of me talking to him when he wants to sleep
  • Easy to pick up and more a lap cat if you sit still long enough
  • Obsessed with feet, especially when they move
  • Always hungry (excellent at catching spiders for bonus nutrition)
  • Approach to life is to ‘always show affection in the moment, especially at 3am’
  • Aim in life is to break the record for fastest decent down the stairs
  • Sleeps in a carrier or in the cat bed on top of the laundry basket
  • Nick-names: Bud, Speedy, Noisy, Explorer-cat

They are both definitely going through their teenage years and go from one mood to the next without notice.


I have been taking them out in the garden on leads in their Mynwood Jackets (separate post to come) and they really enjoy it. They will now walk out the front door and make their way to the garden through gentle persuasion rather than have to be carried out. I am in constant debate of whether I should just let them roam free. It is purely selfish reasons I don’t want them to as I know it would cause me stress and worry wondering where they are and if they are safe. I am looking at safe collars for identification purposes, even though they have been micro-chipped. I don’t particularly want to get cat flaps as I would require two to go out through into the garage and then outdoors. I want them to be happy, but I want them to be safe.


September Project Lifestyle Update

Project Lifestyle Purple Cover

Looking back at the last month some things have fallen into place and others have fallen out of place. I’m okay with this though. I’m also okay with not doing the updates I was doing for the first half of the year. A lifestyle change is a huge thing to do and I will constantly learn and adapt along the way.

Nutrition seems to be coming together. I have to be strict with myself at times in order to be freer at other times. I have lost a few pounds consistently so far. I don’t want this to be the focus on of my life or my blog so am keeping it short and sweet.

Fitness has taken a motivational downturn. I think this has been impacted by the change in season and the focus on food. I have a lack of energy at the moment, which is not surprising as I have cut down my calories. My body needs to adjust to the correct fuel intake and therefore not exercise as hard as I was before it okay. I am not currently training for anything. I know I can do what I can and I know where I want to make improvements.

The other work-streams (Mental Health, Career, and Social) are all moving along nicely and I feel in a good place with all of them.

It is important to take a step back and look at the bigger picture and take to focus on the bits that require the attention in that moment. It’s about being flexible and being okay with that. I am slowly, but surely creating the lifestyle I want and recognising the barriers that come along and working out what effort I want to put into knocking them down. Sometimes it’s just better to leave them as they are for another time.


Adventures in Books… Under the Paw

under the paw

“For years, Tom Cox might have seemed like a regular, hard-living sort of bloke — a lover of late nights, rock music and beer — but he had a dark furry secret. Tom was a cat lover. Always had been, in fact. For a while, he kept his passion in check, but there was only so long he could postpone his true dream, especially after he met Dee, his moggy-loving soulmate. In 2001, Tom left London and his job as a rock critic behind, and he and Dee, replete with Dee’s cat Janet and three new kittens, moved to a remote part of Norfolk, a county where they knew not one living human soul. They thought it would be easy. They thought their cat madness had reached its limit. They were very wrong on both counts. In UNDER THE PAW, Tom records the chaos of owning seven of the most charismatic, idiotic and duplicitous cats in the country. How exactly does a person go from living a fancy-free young metropolitan life to suddenly thinking it is normal to be on 24-hour call for multiple sets of whiskers? What are the essential rules of disposing of a dead pheasant? How do you learn to love your wife’s ex’s favourite pet? Tom addresses all these issues and much more, encountering death, depression, flying fur and the first human sentence spoken by a feline along the way. Running through all the maelstrom is the heartbreaking story of his long and chequered relationship with The Bear, his oldest cat: a “painfully sensitive” survivor moggy who may or may not be an evil genius.”

This is the first book about Tom and his 6 cats and focuses on how he came to be a cat owner himself after leaving home and finding his own life. The story focuses on the cat man, rather than the cat lady (the stereotype) and it is nice to see someone being so honest about their life with cats.

I really enjoyed Talk of the Tail so was happy when this also came down in price for the Kindle. It’s a heart-warming story about how life if impacted by little creatures who are extremely self-sufficient in some ways, then stupidly not in others.

I enjoyed the stories about introducing new cats to the other cats and knowing that sometimes it just does not work and having to accept that. There is also heart break with the story of a young cat living life to the full and unfortunately getting hit by a car. It was sad to read and think about.

I realised that I find the lives of animals much more interesting than the lives of people. I enjoyed reading about Tom’s life, but was really reading to see how the cats reacted! I’m just being honest!  I also understood how he and his wife ended up with 6 cats as I would not be able to turn any away if they needed to live with me and got on with the other cats. It was interesting to see how they worked around the cats and always did what was best, even leaving The Bear with a previous boyfriend as he preferred it there. It must have been really hard, but they did what was best for the cat at the time – and had no problem taking him back when the guy moved out of the country.

The one thing I didn’t realise was that cats can and will wander off for days or even weeks. I am constantly debating my decision to keep my two as house cats and taken them out into the garden on leads. However I know it would cause me a lot of stress and worry if they didn’t come home one time and I would not like to go back on letting them out freely and try and keep them as house cats after. It would not be far to do it that way round, so I am keeping them in and giving them lots of different toys (although loo roll middles are their favourite things!).

Okay, back to the books. Another really enjoyable quick read that was perfect for my week off work. I would recommend Tom’s books for any cat lover out there.

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