Recent Wanderings… Museums in London

A couple of weeks ago I went to London on a super cheap train ticket and spent the day visiting museums, something I have not done in a long time.

I booked to go to the Cosmonaults exhibition at the Science Museum and arrived at 10am. There was already a queue when I arrived! It was very busy with families, but the exhibition I went to was quieter due to the additional cost of a ticket. It was a fascinating exhibition and gave me insight into an area of history I wasn’t really aware of. I remember doing space as a kid in school, but that focused on the moon landing and not the space race before and after it. If you have chance to go before mid March when it closes I recommend it!


I also had a wander around the rest o the museum, but it was very busy and not as relaxing as I would have liked, so I decided to go to the Natural History Museum.

The queue to the Natural History Museum was extremely long so I decided to go the the Victoria and Albert Museum instead. I’ve never been to this museum and would like to go back on a quieter day to explore more. I only did part of the ground floor as  it was lunchtime and I was hungry. The main part I explored was the Japan section as I’m going there in October and this made me super excited.

It ended up being a grey, but dry day so I decided to wander along in the direction of Harrods to find find somewhere for lunch. With the queue for NHM being so long when I left I decided to switch up my day slightly and wander the food hall and toy section of Harrods for something different. I then headed back to the Natural History Museum and luckily the queue had reduced, but it was still there (and was still there when I left to catch my train home). 

I was just going to have a wander around all the places I loved as a kid, but the dinosaur exhibition was closed so I ended up paying extra to see the Otherworlds exhibition instead and it was great! The photos and how they were put together was amazing. It really put our place in the universe in perspective. I almost went in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition as well, but ended up just looking in the shop as the queue for that was even longer and I was running out of time in my day.



I decided I wanted to walk back to Paddington through Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park. It wasn’t raining, but it was extremely windy. There were lots of people out running and walking and it felt nice to be going through a green area of the city. I couldn’t get away from the constant sound of traffic though and it made me appreciate the green spaces and parks that are closer to home and where you can peace and quiet easily. I think I could spend a whole day walking around the parks and would love to do that on a sunny warm day.

I would like to go back and do all the museums again, but at a quieter time, like during the week when kids are at school. I had a lovely day though and really want to do things like this more often this year.

2016 Swimming Challenge

This year I have set my 2016 challenge as the Thames Marathon Bridge to Bridge –  a 14km swim down the River Thames from Henley Bridge to Marlow Bridge.

However I currently feel the training is my biggest challenge!

I’ve been struggling to get back into regular swimming for a good few months now and felt last year I was very inconsistent with my training. I gave myself January off this year and just swam when I could as I was away a lot and it was birthday it just felt like the wrong time to put pressure on myself.

So I thought February would be my 2016 start and I made it one full week of sessions with my swimming club, before being away and then not feeling up to it with a dodgy shoulder. I just don’t feel that into swimming club anymore. I also feel the same about running club. Both feel restrictive to me for some reason. I almost feel like they have served their purpose and now I am moving into the next stage of my life where the things I once needed are no longer right for me.

I want more freedom and flexibility in my life and to stop feeling guilt for missing sessions I planned to go to. I also want more time to focus on my career and other loves. I want to read more and blog properly. I want to learn about coffee more and travel to new places. I want to cook nice meals that are healthy. I want to spend time with my cats and train them better to go outside more often. There are so many things I want to do!

And yet I feel guilty for not wanting to be part of these clubs anymore. Why is that?

I love the friends I have made. Perhaps I am worried I won’t see them anymore if I stop going, but I know that won’t be the case for all of them. Perhaps I am worried of what people will think of me if I no longer do the things I am known for doing. Overall I am worrying about what other people think, rather than what I want.

When I think about it I want to swim more at the lake. I’ve bought my membership. I can swim earlier then I can at the pool (when it’s lighter) and there is more space and less people. I want to get to know the people I’ll be doing the Thames Marathon with. It feel right and exciting, which is what I don’t get from swimming club anymore. I am currently thinking of going down to one club session a week to keep in the loop, and focus on the lake swimming. I’ll also be looking to step away from coaching in the summer as then I will have helped for 3 years and would be happier to be cover, rather than full commitment.

I’m still in thinking mode about this, but need to decide soon so I stop fretting about change. I just need to be happy with my decision and then it won’t matter what anyone else thinks.

Recent Wanderings… Cross Country Skiing in Austria

The start of my 2016 has been great so far! I went cross country skiing for the first time in Austria with Exodus ( and it was fantastic. It was so nice to go on my own and do exactly what I wanted to do I came back feeling very relaxed and ready to throw myself into the year and have a great time. This is more of a photos post as it has taken me so long to transfer them from my camera to my computer that I haven’t blogged properly since mid January!

Day 1 Travel from London and arrive at Wienerhof in Trins

Day 2 – Ski in Gschnitztal


Day 3 – Ski in the Obernbergtal

Day 4 – Ski in the Schmirntal


Day 5 – Free day wandering around Steinach

Day 6 – Ski at Maria Waldrast

Day 7 – Ski in the Schmirntal

Day 8 – Wandering around Innsbruck and then travel home