Adventures in Tea… Bluebird Tea Peppermint Cream


I purchased this special mint tea when I bought my sisters birthday present as I needed to up the order amount to get free delivery and I knew autumn was just around the corner I would be back to drinking mint tea on the colder evenings.

I love the sweet peppermint cream – so much so that I cannot buy a bag as I cannot be trusted. I will east the whole bag even though I know it will make me feel ill. They are super sweet and creamy and I just can’t stop once I’ve started.

So when I saw this tea I jumped at the chance for a not so damaging peppermint cream!

It has a sweetness to it I like, but it is nowhere near as sweet as the actual sweets. It makes a nice change from Twinnings Peppermint tea, with the added sweetness. I still think my favorite is Starbucks mint blend, but this is a close second :)


Weekly Workouts 27th October 2014

Not quite such a good week. A busy week, but that impacted on the amoutn of exercise I could do and wanted to do.

Monday = Run 2 miles in 24 minutes (missed running club as out for an Indian meal)


Tuesday = Swimming club – 3400m in 90 minutes

Wednesday = Running Club – 4.4 miles in 54 minutes


Thursday = Walking around Bristol waterfront (meal in Bristol)

Friday = Bike ride of 16.7 miles in 81 minutes (Halloween party)


Saturday = helped at local firework event (hungover after party and sore throat)

Sunday = swim coaching (felt worse with cold)

So that is a total of 4 hours and 15 minutes. Not quite reaching my 5 hour target. I also don’t think i will make it this coming week as am starting the week with a stupid head cold and am taking the decision to rest up in hopes it will disappear. I also have two nights out this week for meals.

So rather than fitness I will be focusing on food. I know that a healthy body and strong body starts in the kitchen and I could exercise all day but never lose weight if I don’t get my eating in order.

Planning for Success



In my job working in projects we talk a lot about setting things up for success and that got me thinking about how I can help myself work towards my goals in successful ways.

2015 is going to be a big year for me. I turn thirty and have set myself my biggest challenge to date of completing a half ironman distance triathlon.

So I need to set myself up for success and in order to do that I need to plan.

I currently use a Moleskine journal to record my bullet journal and that is working really well for me. I have decided to add to this by using the Moleskine Wellness journal template you can get online to stick into your own notebooks. I like the goals pages and how they are set up into both monthly and weekly.

The monthly templates I have used to insert all the events I am taking part in and will add specific weight, fitness, and personal goals at the beginning of each month.




The weekly ones I will use to be very specific about what I want to achieve that week. This will be update to date with any commitments so I can be realistic and flexible in my approach. There is no point in saying I will always do my ideal week of swimming club, running club, and cycling, if I have to go away for work!



I really like being able to tick things of my list and I think this is why the bullet journal idea has worked so well for me as it allows me to be organised and tick things off a list. So going back to weekly goals will help me take small steps to reaching my bigger goals. I won’t be sharing all the details of my goals, but I wanted to share how I organizing my goals and therefore setting myself up for success.

I’m So Excited!

January is going to be a fantastic month!

  • I turn 30!
  • I am going skiing to Italy!
  • I am going to see Jillian Michaels in Cardiff – FRONT ROW VIP!

I am actually looking forward to turning 30 and leaving my twenties behind. The last decade hasn’t been a great one for me. I have learnt a lot and will be taking a lot of things forward in to the next decade to make it a good one. I feel as though I will be entering the next phase of my life and there are lots of possibilities for where my life might go.

I haven’t been on a proper holiday since before I bought my house, so I have always planned to go away for my 30th. I chose skiing as it is something I enjoy, but don’t get to do too often. Plus it makes a perfect January holiday destination. My sister and I chose Italy as we love that country, but have never been skiing there. I go on my actual birthday and will be spending the first week of my thirties enjoying myself in the mountains.

Then last night I received the email to say Jillian Michaels is coming to the UK for her Maximise Your Life tour and I had to get myself a ticket. I went on and had a look at costs and then found I could get a third row ticket and then got really excited. I then realised there was a different link in the email and got a middle front row ticket with VIP meet and greet and couldn’t turn it down. It’s on the pricey side, but I have been a big fan of Jillian Michaels for a long time and have followed her tour through her podcasts wishing she would come over to the UK.

All of this has given me determination and motivation to get myself focused on my nutrition and to build my fitness base back up so I can enter my thirties with the results I wanted from Project Lifestyle in the first place. I am feeling really positive and in a good place. I still have low moments, but I have the tools in place to make sure I come through them and learn from them. I am being more social then I have been in a few years and although I choose which events I go to, I am excited about finding new friends and enjoying my fitness clubs. Volunteering for events and swim coaching has been a fantastic thing for me. Getting my kittens has my house feel like a proper home. I really feel like the last year of my twenties I have stepped up my game and focused on the things that really matter to me, and stopped fretting about the things that don’t.

So as you can probably tell I am really looking forward to January!

I am also looking forward to December as I love Christmas too!

Project Lifestyle – Nutrition

My nutrition is something I have always struggled with. It’s like I didn’t learn about this when I was a child, so I now have to really put my effort into this as an adult.

I have been doing a lot of thinking about my nutrition recently as overall my project lifestyle work streams have been going really well. I feel at a point where I am happy and can maintain the levels required for all but nutrition.  So I have been looking back at all I have learnt in the past from various sources – weight watchers (lost 75lbs with), slimming world (only last two weeks, Ki Fit (using body data), NHS Live Well (lots of useful information) – and am trying to bring it together into something that works for me.

I have also looked at myself and the choices I make when it comes to food and found some key

  • I take the easy way when it comes to food
  • I like to eat a lot, so need to bulk things out to look like bigger meals
  • I like to have the right snacks available
  • I don’t like to deprive myself – leads to binging

So I need to accommodate these behaviours within my lifestyle to ensure they promote healthy actions, rather than unhealthy ones.

So I have come up with some guidelines to help me


  • Focus on 3 meals a day – research and experiment with balance of macronutrients
  • Snack on fruit first
  • Keep cakes and treats in work for special occasions (not because someone fancies it)
  • Use protein shakes to aid recovery and help with hunger after working out
  • Find some snacks that I can keep on hand that compliment my lifestyle – portioned out already for ease of consumption
  • Plan my meals and snacks around my workouts to avoid dips in energy
  • Track my food and drink intake to monitor overall consumption and watch for trends in behaviours

For me I love food, but I am lazy when it comes to preparing it. I do not want to put the effort into changing that, but rather put the effort into accommodating that aspect of my personality by having a stock of meals I can easily throw together and enjoy. I am glad we are heading into the colder winter months as it means I can do lots of one pot slow cooker meals and bulk them up with vegetables. I can also batch cook and have my own stock of ready meals in the freezer for easy meals during the week. I can also focus on a couple of meals where I do have time in the evenings to prepare at the time and enjoy cooking them. Coming to this understanding about myself makes it much easier to stick to a healthy lifestyle, rather than feel guilty about my lack of fresh cooking each week.

I am a creature of habit. Therefore I will use those special occasions where I head out for a meal to try something different (as I don’t have to cook it!). I have a few meals out coming up that  am looking forward to – Indian with my dad, Chinese with the girls, and Tom Kerridge with my family.

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