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Catching up on Coffee 2016 Part 2

I have been drinking less coffee these last few months, but it’s been of much better quality that previously. I have been taking the time to brew coffee properly as I understood on my course last month and using different brew methods. So since my Part 1 update back at the start of the year I’ve only worked my way through two new coffees as well as finishing off the last of my fudge blend.

Both coffee’s were from Rave as it’s so easy for me to get to. I stepped into the world of decaf after my course as I was making more coffees in the evening for a few weeks and I knew I would not be able to handle the caffeine. I mainly used this one in my espresso machine as I got it ground specifically for that use. I did have a go with it in my new aeropress as well though and although it was a bit too fine it worked quite well.

I then also tried the Papua New Guinea beans as a single origin. This one was recommended by the guys at Rave and I was impressed when I got it home. It brewed very nicely with the pour over and french press. I found the aeropress gave it a slightly different flavour and I didn’t like it so much, but this could have been part of my learning curve with a new brewing method.

I now have another two new beans from Rave for this month and a shout out to them for their excellent customer service the last time I went in and it was crazy busy!

Adventures in Tea… Bluebird Tea Month Two



I am so behind on my tea posts! My life has been overtaken by two furry fluff balls and I love it. Also it’s been super warm for the UK and that’s meant I haven’t wanted tea in the evenings so have a bit of a stash of these left but I have tried them all now!



This is fantastic tea! I love the sourness but also sweetness of the cherries and the dryness that comes from the green tea. This would be perfect iced and is something I must try while it’s too warm to drink hot. Perhaps I’ll make some now – and some ice



This is a lovely after dinner tea. It would be perfect in winter, so I might keep hold of this until the weather cools off and I want to snuggle up with a hot mug of tea on the sofa.




This is very similar to the chai from last month, but this time it has caffeine, so it great during the day. Again this is another drink for cooler weather and I’ll be keeping hold of it for after the summer.

I’ve already received month three and I wouldn’t be surprised if month 4 was on the way soon! I need it to cool off so I can get back to my tea drinking!

Project Lifestyle July Career Workstream

Project Lifestyle Purple Cover

I am enjoying my job. I get to hear about interesting projects and meet great people. I also get to visit some lovely places. I feel very lucky.

I have been so focused on moving my career forward I forgot about the enjoying and learning from the day to day activities. I feel this is what I have been focusing on recently. I want to progress, but there are things I need to learn in order to do so.

So this month is about my interim Personal Development Plan review. I need to go through my objectives with my boss, but also I need to make time to go through them and plan them for myself. I get caught up in my daily to do list and forget the bigger picture. I need to find a way of presenting my objectives visually in order to know I am working on the right things at the right times.

It’s really interested to be in an organisation that takes development seriously. Maybe I have just been unlucky, but I feel positive about this way of working. I feel I have a plan and targets and can think proactively more than I ever have before.  So I want to make sure I am working effectively in order to learn the skills I need to be able to progress when the time comes.

Project Lifestyle July Mental Health Workstream

Project Lifestyle Purple Cover

I am feeling good. I feel life is coming together and I am enjoying it. Of course there are things that I want to change, but I am not beating myself up about those things as I know if I was really engaged with them I would make the change no matter the effort required. So I am just taking time to reflect and be present, and think about where I want to head. I feel Project Lifestyle has been working well for me. It has given me some focus but also allowed me to think and take a step back every month to review these aspects of my life I find important enough to reflect on.

I’ve also accepted that for me the medication I’ve on works. I might come off of it, but I am not using that as my measure of success anymore. It is about how I feel and how I am doing at life when playing by my rules. For me it about spending my time how I want to and as long as I feel I am not wasting it then that makes me happy.

So this month I am carrying on with the things that are working and now bringing in anything new – except my kittens! I think I’ve managed to get them into every post so far – sorry about that! But actually thinking about it I have wanted to get a pet since I knew I was buying house back in 2012. It’s taken this long for me to make that step and I think that is something to be celebrating. Something was holding me back, but that is no longer there and I am so glad to have them both in my home. I love their little characters and their cute faces and the way their eyes follow me around the room. It’s a huge step to take on responsibility for another creature’s life, when a while ago I was only just staying on top of my life on its own.

Project Lifestyle July Social Workstream

Project Lifestyle Purple Cover

I feel I’m finally at peace with my social life. I spend time with those people I want to spend time and get out to running and swimming club during the week. I’ve added swim coaching and chat to lots of different people. I’m happy with how things are at the moment. I enjoy spending time with my family, but also I enjoy my time alone either at home or wandering.

I’ve accepted I’m not a social butterfly and thought of spending too long with people is draining on its own without actually having to do it. I’m not good at just hanging out. I like to be doing stuff, so it’s been great to get out with my friend walking. Also the cats have helped and meant I’ve invited people round mien to meet them.

There have been a few events in other people lives recently that have made me stop and think. I’m fed up with justifying who I am and I am just going to live how I want to live and be happy being me. If others don’t like that or me because of it I haven’t got time for them. I’ve also realised if it is always me making the effort I get annoyed and therefore need to stop. All relationships should be balanced and everyone happy in them and to be honest my most important relationship right now is the one I have with myself.

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