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Adventures in Tea… Asiatica Flowering Tea

I’ve decided to turn my Tuesday evening in to Green Tea Tuesdays. I have a lot of green tea, but don’t make the time to drink it. I’m not a fan during the day as I love normal tea or coffee for a caffeine boost. So on Tuesday evenings I have time before I go to swimming club to make a proper pot of green tea and sit down and enjoy it. So last week I used the flowering green tea I got for Christmas from Asiatica from Canada.


I was give the Transcending Beauty which is described as careful, romantic, just and fair. It is made with Jasmine Green tea and lily flowers.


It always makes me laugh that they come in mushroom shapes and don’t loo very appealing, but as soon as you pop it into boiling water it comes to life.


The green peals away and exposes the beautiful red flower inside.


It created a lovely jasmine green tea, with a floral edge to it. It was lovely green tea colour, but again with a pink tinge from the flower, which made it different from plain jasmine teas. I enjoyed this tea and now need to find somewhere in the UK that sells these types of teas.


Adventures in Tea… Picton Tea Mumbles Christmas Blenc

My friend Ingrid gave me this last year and I honestly don’t know why I didn’t try it sooner. I think Christmas came and went last year and I like to have Christmas things on the run up to Christmas rather than after it. I’m weird like that.



This is a caffeine free tea made form Rooibos with spices to warn it up and it’s amazingly lovely, especially on a cold winters evening. It’s warming and smells divine. I’ve tried it with and without milk and it really comes down to preference at the time. I liked with both, but sometimes having it without milk makes it feel warmer.


It’s full of colour when you put in your teapot. I think the blue is the thistle flowers, but I don’t know anything about flowers so please correct me if I’m wrong!


It steeped nicely and I would definitely recommend brewing for the full five minutes it says to bring out the full flavour and allow it to cool slightly before consumption.


This compares to the teapigs Red Winter Tea from 2011. I was going to get that this year then found this in my cupboard so held back. I did look to see if I could find this online, but couldn’t, which is a shame. At my new job we keep getting tasting in and it was tea this week from Attic Tea and I really want to try some of their blends!


Adventures in Tea… Cupp Bubble Tea

I completely forgot this adventure in tea! I just found the pictures on my phone :)

So a new container tea shop opened in Bristol  this year and it serves bubble tea! I love this weird tea with tapioca pearls. It was a lovely sunny day so it was perfect for an iced bubble tea.



I went for the matcha iced tea. It was basically a matcha latte with bubbles. I loved it! They even had the japanese tops that get heated onto the cup after the drink is made. Then you get the thick straw that the bubbles can go up. Bubble tea makes me happy. My sister also tried one, a hot black tea with bubbles, which was sweeter than I would have liked, but also good.20130616-115117.jpg

What I also loved about this place was the simplicity, but coolness about it. It’s a shipping container that has been kitted out to be a small cafe. They have enough room that if it was raining a few groups could sit inside under cover. They also had lots of blocks or old tea crates as stalls to sit on.20130616-115127.jpg

I also loved the art work inside – simple but effective.20130616-115135.jpgI am getting more and more tempted to move to Bristol in a couple of years. I love so many things in the city, that it makes sense.



Adventures in Tea… teapigs Lemongrass Lemonade

Last one (for now) of my tea cocktails and this was a surprise favourite after yesterdays super fruity G&T.

teapigs kindly sent me a range of teas and lemongrass is one I had tried before, but wasn’t a fan of as a hot tea, so thought about other ways to use it that would allow the lemongrass flavour to come across, but not overpower it. So I went with adding Italian limoncello!


So I made it into a alcoholic lemonade. This turned out to be super refreshing and tasting, with a kick from the limoncello and lemongrass.

Take a measure of cold lemincello and add tonic and ice to a tall glass. Brew the lemongrass tea as we’ve done before with just enough hot water to cover the tea and leave for at least 3 minutes. Once brewed at the tall glass and stir. Squeeze at least a quarter of a lemon into the glass (I used half for extra kick) and any more ice you want and enjoy!20130527-192446.jpgI loved this turned into cloudy lemonade shade of yellow. This is going to become a staple in my summer cocktail list and I cannot wait to try it on my sister, who went to Italy with me where I got the limoncello! This could probably be made in a larger batch to put into a jug or serving bowl. I’m thinking of a BBQ drink :)

That’s it for my week of tea cocktails, but I think I will try more ideas over the summer to share. I have a few different teapigs left that I haven’t used so will save them to experiment with :)



Adventures in Tea… teapigs Super Fruity G&T

I’ve got this one and another one for you tomorrow in my adventures in tea cocktails – today featuring the teapigs super fruit tea!


I’m a fan of this tea already, so was super happy to receive it from teapigs to make cocktails. This a great hot or cold as a tea, so I decided to got for a simple, yet amazing cocktail – the super fruity G&T!

I love a good G&T, but they can get a bit boring just using tonic and lemon. I like to add red apple or try other fruit, but this is a great way to add flavour, without the added calories of fruit juice or syrups.

So grab your favourite gin and add it to ice and tonic. Brew the tea in another glass using enough water to cover the bag and leave for at least 3 minutes to get the flavour, longer for stronger. The pour in the gin, tonic and ice mix and stir. Add more ice if it’s melted and enjoy relaxing in the sun!20130527-192722.jpg

I also suggest funky shaped ice cubes. I went for star ones and a sparkly straw – felt like summer!


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