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My Motivators

This week went off the rails a bit. I put on 1.2lbs. I didn’t exercise as much as normal and then the snow came and the exercise I was going to do got cancelled – here in the UK we do not cope with snow well at all! We had about 10-15cm and that ground my town to a halt and work allowed me to work from home. Overall though I’ve felt a bit rubbish. I usually find having sports therapy releases some emotions, but this week it really took it out of my mentally and physically. I think I was a bit burnt out.

I think the tiredness from the new job and commute set in. Also having my Chartered Environmentalist interview was on Monday and I didn’t sleep well. I was then exhausted. I feel better after having a restful weekend and went to the gym this afternoon and felt good. This coming week is going to be a long one, but I want to concentrate on food as I know my exercise will still be affected by the weather and work arrangements.

I’ve also been looking back through my old Weight Watchers stuff before I re-join a meeting where my new job is located and came across the topic of motivators. I haven’t looked at these in a long time and like the distinction between internal and external motivators.

I have come to believe that having good internal motivators will be more beneficial in the long term than external ones. I think I have always had more external motivators in the past due to lack of belief in myself.

I want to change that, so here are my current motivators:


  • Self belief that I am enough and worthy of love and care
  • Pushing myself with new fitness challenges and knowing my body could do anything
  • Setting personal goals and working towards them to achieve them
  • Knowing I am working hard to overcome depression
  • That feeling after I complete a good workout – the best!


  • Getting medals for my fitness achievements – always nice!
  • Getting compliments from people
  • Buying new clothes in a smaller size
  • The number of the scale – it is a motivator even if I don’t want it to be

I also believe that motivators changes over time, depending on lots of different things. I would like to look at these again during the year. If they don’t come up in a meeting I will have a look in 6 months (reminder set!).

What are your motivators?

Do any one mine resonate with you?

Any you disagree with?

Healthy Eating at Work

I weighed in just after Christmas and had only put on half a pound and this week I got it off, which I am really pleased about and am now just over a pound away from my 5% goal on WW! I also joined my friend on My Fitness Pal as she wants support and so do I. I also love that it syncs up with my Ki Fit, so I don’t have to track everything multiple times :)

It’s been a stressful week with starting the new job and I’ve been tired, but not sleeping well. So eating hasn’t gone to plan, but I have written out my meal plan for the week ahead and got my shopping based on it.


I even made some granola bars for work breakfasts as I can’t eat before I leave as it’s just too early and I’m not hungry, so they are for in the car :)

Eating healthily at work is a topic I picked up from all my old Weight Watchers stuff and a post by Bitch Cakes for Weight Watchers America, and one I know is going to be extremely important for my life.

I have enjoyed having the time to go through a lot of things before I started my job as it allowed me to start with a good base as well as having a fresh start. I started thinking about this before I started as I knew there were changes I want to make from my last job to create an overall healthy life.

There Things I Can Control:

  • Environment – what I keep on my desk
  • Lunches – bring my own and plan for meetings/conferences
  • Commuting Snacks – planned fuel for energy
  • Timing (for exercise) – lunchtimes are looking good for this
  • Water (and other drinks) – drink lots, which also means leaving my desk more!

Things I Can’t Control:

  • The Office Feeder – plan to stay clear of and say no firmly (or take and throw away)
  • Celebrations – decide what they mean to you and go from there
  • Timing – meetings/travel can get in the way, so I always keep fruit on hand

As I have gotten older I am more comfortable with myself and my decisions. Saying no to cake or  a spontaneous lunch out does not make me a bad person, just normal. Often it is about deciding what things are worth and I can do this by asking myself questions:

  • Is the office cake worth it?
  • Is the meeting buffet lunch worth it?
  • Have I already made and bought my lunch with me?
  • Will I enjoy it?
  • What have I already got planned in this week?

I’ve never been good with spontaneity (which sucks sometimes) and that is just part of my character. It may be a flaw to some people, but it is part of who I am and I am okay with that. So I have to be okay with saying no. It is the same way with food as it is such a trigger for me and my all-or-nothing thinking. Having planned indulgences is more satisfying for me than spur of the moment ones and I’m okay with that.

Staying healthy at work is important to me. I am there 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. It is a big part of my life. Ensuring that I am doing good things for myself during that time will not only benefit my body, but also my mind.

How do you stay healthy at work?

Do you have any colleagues who are office feeders or saboteurs?

Does your work environment help with healthy living?

Frugal Living

I’ve been planning my budget for when I start my new job and moving into my house. Living at home with my parents has meant I have a nice disposable income, so I have had to revisit those times when I lived alone and plan my budget accordingly.

My diet is something I really want to get a grips with before I move out. I am doing Weight Watchers, but will need to change the foods I buy slightly to fit in with my budget. This will make me meal plan as I want to only buy the foods I’ll get each week, rather than stock up for the future (unless that is a worthwhile deal to be taken advantage of). This got me thinking about frugal living.

Definition of Frugal:

  • economical in use or expenditure
  • not wasteful
  • entailing little expense
  • requiring less resources

This definition reminds me of my Sustainable Diet post and also my desire to live my life in a more environmentally friendly way, which also supports my application for Chartered Environmentalist.

I have also found a few blogs that have given my inspiration for recipes:

I decided to take a good hard look at my current diet and eating habits. I have found things I can definitely cut back on. I have found things I refuse to give up, but can cut down on. I have found alternatives to things I currently have for much less expense.

I plan on spending the time between now and moving to create a series of costed recipes I can make adaptable and a staple part of my diet. I can then use my meal planning to budget for food and lose weight. I want to use whole and healthy ingredients and cook from scratch more. I also want to cook meals for the week so I don’t have to cook when I get back from work. I want to use my time and resources efficiently.

So keep an eye out for some recipe posts coming soon!

Also if you have any tips for frugal living do let me know, I’d love to hear from you :)

Things I’m Loving… Jillian Michaels Podcast

I love writing these posts, they make me happy, which was the whole point I started them. I also have a whole list of things I want to write about, but I’m trying to not get too far ahead of myself as I want them to be in the moment.

This week it’s all about Jillian Michaels Podcast!

This is weekly download from iTunes. I got into the habit of going out on a walk and listening to one a week, but with all the swimming and running I’m doing and also the nights are closing in I haven’t had the chance so I have been listening at work this week.

I find them motivating and real at the same time. Jillian doesn’t just tell you can do something and it’s easy, she tells it like it is. Maintaining fitness and a healthy lifestyle is not easy in today’s modern world of convenience.

It’s also not all about fitness and nutrition. There are guest who come on to talk about money, pschology and relationships. She doesn’t claim to be an expert on those things so gets people into help and it feels like you are learning right a long with the team.

The team is fantastic. Janice and Jake get involved and get their perspectives, which really helps all sides of a story come across. Having callers phone in and ask questions is also a great part of the show. Again this takes it back to real life.

For me these podcasts remind me of what I already know a lot of the time, but in low periods forget. Then there is new stuff that I just have to research as it resonates with me.

I love listening while walking, but I do find them a great help in work at time when I am totally unmotivated. I listen back to old ones randomly or pick a topic that I want to hear about again.

If you haven’t listened to one of these podcasts I would totally recommend giving one a try if you like Jillian Michaels and want some instant motivate and advice.


Take 20

Moving on from Take 10 and Take 15, I started doing Take 20, which means I had to set my alarm earlier in the morning!

I love meditating first thing in the morning. I feel like I start the day off right. A calm, relaxed person, rather than an anxiety driven, crazy woman. It allows me to gradually wake up and be in the moment.

This feels a lot harder than the Take 10 and Take 15. Those extra 5 minutes started out waiting for it to end. But Andy, the guy who talks through the meditation from Headspace, gets that and helps you work through that and become comfortable with the longer time. There is no goal to the meditation, it is about being present, whatever that might involve.

I really liked the bit that brought in dealing with discomfort in the body. I often found I needed to move half way through, which is fine, but does distract from the meditation. I also found that the less talking meant I worried that the file had stopped playing. I got better as time went on, but depending on how anxious I am about life, the more anxious I am during the work.

I unintentionally took a week off in the middle of 20 days when I went away and noticed a difference in my anxiety levels after a few days. This was eye opening for me. I hadn’t realised how much taking this time out each day was helping.

I do like to keep to routine though and do not like fitting in later in the day if I have to miss it in the morning. I have linked it now to the Commit app on my phone. I have set up some commitments to myself everyday and it send reminders and then tracks how many days in a row you keep the commitment. If you miss a day the tally goes back to zero. I think this will be useful when I go away or find myself out of routine as I will have reminder to make the time to do it.

Overall I am enjoying doing this and like having a guided meditation everyday. I plan to follow the next series called Discovery.

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