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Candy Japan July 2015

In my desire to start travelling again I have decided to stop a few subscriptions to save money. I love getting things each month, but at the same time I actually want to visit places and not just dream of them from afar. As there is a lag between paying for this subscription and receiving the packages I have one more month to go with my Candy Japan boxes!

I have loved these and although I’m not a big fan of sweets (Chocolate yes, jelly sweets not so much). This month was two packages containing so interesting stuff. The first package contained Plum Seed ‘soft’ Candy (LOVED), Shige Kicks Evolution Soda Gummies (Also loved, but have no idea what flavour they were), and Lotte Yokai Bubblegum (okay and haven’t had bubblegum in ages!). I took most to the cinema with me as snacks.

The second parcel contained Meiji Caramel (not sure about these), Lotte Ume and Lemon (liked these simple dummies), and Ultrman Battle Gummies (like normal gummy sweets). I didn’t have anyone to battle with the last ones, but it looked as those it would be fun, but I was again at the cinema with these, so not the best location to battle it out.

I would really recommend this subscription as it is different and fun. I love that it comes in two parcels a month as it means I can spread out my sweet consumption and really enjoy the ones that I have each time. Even though I am sad to stop this subscription I will make up for it when I finally get to visit Japan myself in the next couple of years!

Candy Japan Subscription

After the free box I was sent for review from Candy Japan and which I loved I decided to sign up for my own subscription (paid for myself) and last month received the first two boxes. I find it great that you get two boxes a month as it means I don’t eat it all at once and it’s something to look forward to. The wrapping tape is always fantastic too!


This was a do it yourself jelly sweet kit. It was a couple of powers, one of which you added water to and then turned the tree through both. It was weird, but fun to try. I don’t think I got the hang of it as the jelly kept falling off in the water powder.

I followed the instructions on the back from the pictures 🙂


These were rose flavoured chewy sweets that I was surprised I liked so much. You get quite a few in the bag and they although they are nice I couldn’t have more than a few at a time as they were quite floral and rich, so the bag lasted a week.IMG_2168

The second box consisted of a mix of things for the cinema or a movie night. I seem to have only taken a group shot of these, so apologies for the lack of photos. First up was so toffee popcorn type sweet, which was super yum. Secondly were some sour cola jelly chews which were also quite good. Lastly was a fake ice cream cone with whipped chocolate inside instead of ice cream.IMG_2429.JPG

This was a fab box that I enjoyed and wasn’t too weird, just different from what you can get in the UK. I hope some matcha stuff gets included soon.

I am currently planning a trip to Japan with my family and am super excited and with each box that arrives I get even more excited!

Adventures in Chocolate… Cocoa Runners

 Cocoa Runners is a subscription box service. I found them a while ago and followed them on Twitter and Instagram before deciding to sign up. They were them on a weekend kitchen show, which made me happy. I really want to make good chocolate a part of my life and want to cut out the crap that is more sugar than real chocolate, so paying a. Bit extra each month to try some new and different chocolates I wouldn’t be able to find at home is the first step in making this change. 

The first box contained these four bars and also came with tasting notes and an brief explanation of where they came from and about the company that produces them. 


My favourite was the Original Beans bar as it was smooth and the flavour was nice. The one I had liked least was the Pacari bar as the flavour was very intense. 

I have also received another two boxes I have yet to start, but they look absolutely fantastic.  



Candy Japan

I’ve talked about my obession with Japan and my interest in Japanses culture before so i was super excited to find a subscription service called Candy Japan that sends sweets and treats from Japan to all over the world and they were kind enough to send me a review box to share on my blog. They send you two boxes every month for US$25.

The box I received a week ago looked like this:

It was colourful and bright and looked so much fun. And it’s all in Japanese! I love that. I had no idea what was what. You can guess from the images, but there is something about not knowing how they makers describe the products that was slightly unnerving.

You do get sent an email with details about the products, but that arrived a few days after my box arrvies and I couldn’t wait to try, so just went for it!

First up were these things that I later found out are Ramen Bites. I was expecting them to be sweet, but they weren’t. Once I got past that I quite enjoyed them. They were salty chicken flavour  and were weirdly addictive once I had started on the pack. They are basically like dried noodles, but not raw noddles.

Next up was a big pink fish filled with sweet chocolate like strawberry flavour chocolate thing. I foudn out from the email they are called  Strawberry Taiyaki. I’m not a huge fan of strawberry flavoured things, but this was nice. It was very light. I agree with Bemmu (the person behind the boxes) that the sad expression is a little bad. A smiley happy fish wafer should be expected.

Last up and the most interactive snack I have ever seen is this!

I worked this out well from the pictures that you had to put the tubes of chocolate (at least I assumed it was chocolate) into a mug of hot water to melt and then you can build your own trees or mountains on sticks. I later found out that the box says “Let’s Make Mushroom Mountain!”, so I kinda got it right.

So much fun in a snack kit.

I didn’t quite get the balance of biscuit to chocolate right and ended up using all the chocolate in the molds, when I should have held some back for the extra biscuits.

I put them in fridge to speed up the setting process. They were quite hard to get out of the molds.


This was super fantastic and I have signed up to continue to receive these boxes. It is something fun and different. I will try to hold out until the email arrives explaining what is what. I can see this also being a good present for people who like weird and wonderful things or who like to travel.

I would like to thank Bemmu at Candy Japan for sending me a box for review. It was so much fun to receive and I hope you have just as much fun finding new products to include. I want to request a Matcha Kitkat!

Science in Sport Energy Gels – Lemon and Lime

sis lemon lime

The only time I have used gels before was for the last few weeks of my half marathon training and then the half marathon itself. However I know I will need to fuel on the run leg of my 70.3 triathlon and will not be able to stomach much. I find after high intensity or endurance events I cannot eat and just feel ill. So I need to have a few things in the offering just in case.

So I decided to try the lemon and lime Science in Sport Energy Gels.

I liked these gels. The citrus flavour was much more refreshing than the berry flavour I tried previously (different brand too). However it is still very sweet and very thick. I needed to wash it down with plain water just to get the taste out of my mouth otherwise it lingers for my shorter runs.  I know this will be a problem for me come the 13.1 miles I have do after swimming and cycling. I think I will have to use a combination of things to get me through and provide me with the energy I needed.

The gels definitely provide an energy boost and I have another box to try on a longer run in the new year, where I will need two or three, which will be very different from just having the one as a test during my 5k runs at the moment.

For me these are for running only. The thought of having them on the bike or during normal workout sessions is not nice. These serve a specific purpose for a short period of time. I know I will need to use them, but I also know I will hate the taste and sight of them by the end of a long event.

Big thanks to folks over at ProBikeKit for sending me a couple of boxes to try out for free!

I was going to do a comparison post, but now I have tried and reviewed both products I feel a comparison would be unfair as I would use them completely differently due to the nature of the product. I am also confident I will use both type of products during my training and my big event in 2015 so cannot compare them on even footing. If I had to choose a product I enjoyed most it would be the wafers from yesterday, but the gels serve a purpose and it about finding the flavour that is right for you. (I hear there is now a espresso flavour one now available – will be finding that!).

They are currently £7.49 for a box of 6 (down from £7.99) over at ProBikeKit right now!

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