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Adventures in Coffee… June Hasbean


I’m in the middle of this bag and am really enjoying it. It is a well rounded coffee that suits the french press and the pour over, but not so much the espresso.

The flavours say toffee apple and apple acidity and I would agree. It’s subtle in a way, but has a nice lingering taste I enjoyed.

I love that you can find out all about the coffee and where it is grown and even by who! It’s fascinating to me to learn about coffee and see behind the scenes that we would not get to see from supermarket purchases.

“The farm is located in Matagalpa and is a huge 171 hectares. It’s an amazing location with 9 waterfalls within the farm. It’s owned by the Mieresch family”

Overall I really enjoyed this coffee and would definitely get again.



Adventures in Coffee… May Hasbean


I haven’t been able to find the In My Mug episode for this coffee, but as it wasn’t my favourite I’m not too worried. I found it quite acidic and not in a nice way unfortunately. I tried in the french press, espresso machine, and the pour over and the pour over with milk the best of the bunch.

I didn’t get the toffee flavours, but definitely the acidity of lemons.I definitely didn’t get the nutella flavour. For some reason this one just didn’t work for me, which is probably why I didn’t rush to get a post out a bout it.



Adventures in Coffee… April Hasbean



An Indian coffee last month – the Bibi Plantation Washed Catucal Peaberry. I think this is my first Indian coffee (I really need to go through all my coffee posts and review to check – or keep a notebook full of all the coffee I’ve tried!). However in the In My Mug video they are also surprised to have an Indian coffee, but it is a growing market. This coffee was grown at about 800m above sea level, which is the lowest grown coffee they have featured. I’m finding it interesting to learn more about the bean that come though my letterbox.



The description said to expect bold flavours of leather and tobacco and followed by a nutty-ness. I agree about the bold flavours and I wasn’t sold to begin with as it was quite bitter, but had a lightness to it as well. It felt like there wasn’t much coffee or oils taken through the water, even in the french press. It was an intense espresso, which was great as a shot to down, but not as a drink to sip and enjoy slowly as the after taste was quite strong for me. Another flavour mentioned in the video was a burnt toffee apple taste, but I don’t know if I got that – maybe more when I added milk.


I wasn’t sure I liked this coffee. I wasn’t impressed with it as a espresso or french press, but as a pour over (with milk) it was amazingly mellow. It came up with this amazing creme and almost bubbled up as I poured over the water. I loved watching it brew.  It just seemed to work this way and took off the bitter edge I found in the espresso. In the video it is considered to make a fantastic cappuccino with milk, and that goes hand in hand with what I was thinking.

I’m also finding it interesting to find out about brewing techniques and the results of the different brews. I didn’t think there would be such a difference across techniques, but the more coffees I’m trying the more subtle differences I am noticing, but this one had some big differences. I want to expand my own brewing equipment to include a chemex and aeropress.


I really want to get an In My Mug subscription and do an intense 12 weeks of coffee with the videos as they are released – fingers crossed for 2015, but in the meantime check out the video from last year.


Adventures in Coffee… Starbucks Tribute Blend


This was an emergency buy as I ran out of coffee at work and this was the easiest thing to get. I went for the Tribute blend rather than my normal bold and have really enjoyed it as an everyday coffee. It is very drinkable and can be made strong in a French press without overpowering the drink.

I went for it because it was described as dark cherry and spice. That description drew me in and I’m glad it did. It is a blend of coffee from Ethiopia, Sumatra, Papua New Guinea and Columbia. It is also described as complex, but I have found it smooth and straight forward. Maybe I prefer complex coffees over simple single blends. I wonder if that I why I struggle with a couple of the Hasbean single beans I have had so far as there is nothing to enhance or weaken a specific attribute other than the brew method.

I have avoided Starbucks for a while in order to try different coffees, but as a standby source I am happy with the coffee they provide and the price they provide it for.


Adventures in Coffee… Harrods Espresso Blend


I finally got round to using my other Harrods coffee from Christmas. I am really not drinking anywhere near as much coffee as before and I miss it. When it is good coffee I can drink black I really enjoy it in work, but for some reason I haven’t been drinking as much coffee, but am making up for it with tea.

I enjoyed this coffee and mainly used it in my espresso machine. It was slightly too bold and oily for the french press, but with milk it evened out the bitterness a bit.



Overall a nice espresso but one I’m not worries about having again. A great gift though!

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