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Adventures in Coffee… Harrods Espresso Blend


I finally got round to using my other Harrods coffee from Christmas. I am really not drinking anywhere near as much coffee as before and I miss it. When it is good coffee I can drink black I really enjoy it in work, but for some reason I haven’t been drinking as much coffee, but am making up for it with tea.

I enjoyed this coffee and mainly used it in my espresso machine. It was slightly too bold and oily for the french press, but with milk it evened out the bitterness a bit.



Overall a nice espresso but one I’m not worries about having again. A great gift though!

Adventures in Coffee… March Hasbean


My February Hasbean coffee was the Columbia Finca El Vergel Washed Caturra. I love the new labels that differentiate between the farm, process and varietal. I’m learning so much about coffee through this subscription.

I really enjoyed this coffee. It was fruity and light and made great french press and espresso coffee. That is quite rare for me as I usually find I prefer each coffee a certain way. The pour over was okay, but it stood out in the french press and the lightness came through in the espresso.

I also preferred this black. The milk watered it down too much for me. I love when I find I agree with something from the In My Mug video!

Reading the description I would agree with the acidity comment and being like wine. I didn’t get melons, but the crispness was definitely there. I am surprised I liked this one so much as it was lighter than my go to fare, but that is what I love about this subscription and that I get to try coffees I wouldn’t do otherwise.

As always another informative and funny video to accompany the coffee.

Adventures in Coffee… February Hasbean

My subscription to Hasbean is fantastic. It means I always have coffee and because I’ve been reducing the amount I drink to one or two cups a day it lasts me two weeks!

The coffee I got for February was the Bolivia Finca Canton Uyunese. 


I really enjoyed this coffee. It was smooth and sweet and made a great black coffee from the french press and a slightly more acidic coffee through the filter cone. I think leaving the oils in during the french press brew keeps it slightly more mellow.

The notes said to expect honeydew melon, chocolate and white grapes. I definitely got the sweetness of the melon and the acidity of the grapes, but without reading the notes, I wouldn’t have known these were the flavours coming through. I could do with paying more attention.

I need to get better at watching the In MY Mug videos as drink the coffee each month, but February and March have been crazy busy so I didn’t get the chance. I’ve included the video here for my future reference. I’ll schedule in some time for March’s coffee.

Adventures in Coffee… Harrods Continental Blend

My christmas present from my sister was some fantastic coffee from Harrods. Finally someone listened to me when I say if you ever buy me a gift coffee or books are great!


So first up is the Continental blend. This is described as a coffee for daytime drinking, which I would agree with. it’s nice and smooth and creates a lovely crema when brewing over a filter cone. The french press was also a good way to brew this coffee. I didn’t try it as espresso, but I think it wouldn’t have been bold enough.


I enjoyed this coffee black over with milk. It had a nice bite to it and no lingering bitter after taste, so it was great for at work for me.

If this was valuable at my local supermarket I would get it again, but for the cost and the bag being on the small side, it made a nice change, but I’m not worried about having it again.


Adventures in Coffee… January Hasbean



January’s coffee from my Hasbean subscription was the Brazil Fazenda Cachoeira da Grama Canario Pulped Natural. It was a lighter and drier bean than I’ve had before, but the smell was amazing.  The description says there are chocolate, caramel, and toffee tones, which I would agree with, but they were not heavy. I didn’t get the peaches that it also states, but there was definitely a lightness to it. I think this is my first Brazilian coffee.


“Fazenda Cachoeira da Grama has been in the Carvalho Dias family since 1890 and recently celebrated its 108th crop. It is located in São Paolo state, just 3 miles from the border with Minas Gerais state. It enjoys the typical characteristics of the mountainous Mogiana and Sul de Minas regions and is located at an altitude of 1,100-1,250 metres. Gabriel de Carvalho Dias is one of Brazil’s leading agronomists. His family owns several farms which border each other in this area. With a total area of 417 hectares, Fazenda Cachoeira da Grama has a coffee plantation area of 165 hectares. On this farm, everything is done manually since its topography does not allow any kind of mechanisation. The mill is located close to the spa town of Poços de Caldas, which is 45 minutes from the farm.” Hasbean In My Mug

“The beans are harvested on a sheet and prepared by the ‘pulped natural’ process, which separates the greens. After harvest, the beans receive the maximum attention possible so as not to lose any of the body and cup qualities for which this region is famed.”

I still love the videos and the details that are behind the coffees. I love reading about them and learning more each time.


I’ve mainly been drinking this coffee at work in a small french press, but at the weekends I have really enjoyed it through the pour over. It creates this lovely crema and smells divine. I was surprised how much I enjoyed this as I thought it would be too light, but given the right brewing it was a very enjoyable mug of coffee, especially good in the afternoon at work.


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