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Extravagant Bowls and Trays


Another cat post as I am totally embracing the ‘crazy cat lady’ persona and making it my own. The picture above doesn’t scare me, it makes me happy that I could be that and enjoy it, so here is another cat post!

Merry and Pippin are totally spoilt! Over the last year I’ve changed things from cheap, convenient things to more expensive and convenient things.

They now have microchip pet bowls so Pippin cannot steal Merry’s food and both have lost weight (if only it was that easy for humans right?). This means I can leave them easily for one night and not worry that one of them won’t get to eat all their food. Now they normally stare at each other if one of them finishes first. Plus I’m pretty sure they have found away to steal a morsel every now and then using a paw.


Or Merry just lies on top of Pippin’s bowl as a way of letting me know she is hungry!

Another new addition is an indoor water feature that creates a very peaceful atmosphere – it totally not a cat drinking fountain! I have found they drink much more water since changing from a plastic fountain which is good news.

The other thing that is totally extravagant is I have litter trays delivered to me  each month from Poopy Cat. This makes my life so much easier as you throw the whole thing away each time and I think the cats prefer that too.

They also sell blocks, which I have also bought and have signed up for their Kickstarter Campaign for cardboard versions of landmarks – I want my cats to travel like I can!

So yes my cats are totally spoilt, but they are fantastic flatmates!

Purrfect Box

My cats are so spoilt!

As you already know they get a monthly box from a different company, but Purrfect Box got in touch with me to offer me a free box to try and could not say no – Merry & Pippin need more toys obviously!

As you can see as soon as it arrived they claimed it as theirs as they do with every box that comes into the house.

Once we open the box I was pleased to see a lovely amount of toys and treats contained within.

First up (and put straight out of the way) were the treats. I don’t know how, but my two can tell the difference between their normal food and treats straight away. I think I might try to put their food in treat bags sometime to test out their cleverness. I’ve only given them the chicken filet bites so far and they love them. I think they life softer treats more as they are on dry food all the time.   

Next up is catnip spray, which my two love. This came in a handy size and they could tell right away what is was. I sprayed a bit on their favourite areas and they were super happy.

Pippin is a fan of this next toy as he likes batting things around with his paws. Merry is not interested unless it moves and she can chase it.  These are great to throw up the stairs and watch Pippin chase and catch and miss and run back down. 

Merry was a fan of this one though as it smelt and she could lie on top of it to keep it all to herself. She like chewing it, but it is standing up to her attention quite well.

I had only recently bought them a tunnel, so this was a duplicate of a recent toy, but much shorter in length and Merry love it. She lies in with her head out one end and her butt out the other and is quite happy. Pippin like the tunnel as he can launch a surprise attack.   

The box comes with a leaflet of cat advice and descriptions of the contents of the box.

Merry and Pippin gave the box a paws up and have been enjoying the contents for the last week since it arrived and also the box itself!  

They both wanted to fit in, but it did not work.

Pippin isn’t sure what to make of the smelly bow.   

Merry in the tunnel.

Merry wondering what the balls were, but quickly lost interest when she worked out she had to move them herself.   

Merry asleep in the box after a hard day being a cat. Merry is not usually the box cat, but I think she claimed this one for herself before Pippin could get there.

Overall a fab box and if I didn’t already pay for one I would consider signing up for this. However this is more expensive than what I currently pay and in order to pay the same I would have to pay for a whole year up front which isn’t feasible. I would suggest taking a look at all the different boxes out there now and decide which is the best for you and your moggies.

Cat Hampurr

Cat Hampurr is a monthly subscription box I signed up for back in January when they gave new subscribers a discount on their first box and I have now received them for the last 6 months. Overall I am really pleased with the variety of foods, treats, and toys I have received, but have had an issue with quality of toys recently that the team have been super helpful with and replaced some that were faulty, so do get in touch with them.  I have seemed to have built up a stock of treats that I can’t seem to get through with two cats even though the box is designed for one cat!  It’s a great way to be introduced to some new companies and different treats/toys I might not have found otherwise. Also the team engage via twitter and instagram as well and I find that great! They want to see photos of your cats enjoying the treats and the boxes, so do give them a tag if you can.

I wanted to share with you some new-to-me companies that I have found do great treats and toys and I would buy again outside of the box subscription.

I also wanted to share Merry and Pippin opening and enjoying the box from June.


Merry really liked the catnip fish, so much so it came apart at the seems!  Pippin didn’t get a look in before I had to confiscate it. 


Things My Kittens Love


Overall my kittens love anything that moves or can be moved. They love playing with me when I am throwing or dangling things, but they also love things they can move themselves when they play.

  • The insides of loo rolls or kitchen rolls

An excellent cheap and easy way to entertain two kittens! I vary it between giving them the rolls whole or with the end cuts up. I think they like these because they can lift them and bat them around easily. They are light and can be picked up and carried around (or away from each other).


  • Cardboard boxes

They love sitting in them of course, but they also love to chew them. They don’t eat them as there is rarely anything missing, just lots of bite marks. I think they just like the different texture on their teeth.  Shoeboxes are currently the perfect size for sleeping in, whereas delivery boxes are fun to jump in and out of.




  • Feathers

This is the only thing guaranteed to make Merry growl. She is a little territorial when it comes to playing with the feathers on a string. They love feathers and therefore toys with feathers do not last long. I am pretty sure they eat the feathers as I do not hoover up that many. I am going to look into making my own cat toys with feathers as it could get fairly expensive the way they are going through them!

  • Lasers

This was a lazy buy for me. I love playing with my kittens, but with all the swimming I’ve been doing I found I was struggling to find the energy. This toy, which they love, means I can lie on the sofa and play with them – I told you it was lazy!

I’ve gone a bit cat toy mad for December. Basically I think I have bought every Christmas pudding cat toys that was available!

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