Catching up on Coffee 2016 part 2

I can’t believe my last coffee post was in March! I really haven’t appreciated it as much as in previously years. I still love you coffee I swear! I have been drinking less I admit. I’m now only having one coffee a day, maybe two on the days that need it or where we happen to go to multiple coffee shops. It wasn’t really a concious decision either, I just kept forgetting to take my coffee to work and as I am in less of routine with going to the office I have been drinking more tea. I am also more picky about the coffee I have as it has to be good. I am a proper coffee snob and don’t care!

My latest batch of coffee was from Rave and I ordered a selection of blends and single origins to see me through the festive period. I also got a decaffinated blend as I do love a acholic coffee in an evening in winter. It just warms you up from the inside more than a normal hot drink!

Before that my last bulk purchase was from Gorilla and they were good coffees. It was my first order and I will order from them again. They were really robust blends that held their flavours in various drinks and brewing methods.


The other main coffee experience I have had this year is the experience of Japanese coffee. I can’t say they do the best coffee, but their tea was spot on (if you like green tea!). As you will see from the selction of convenience store, vending machine, hotel and coffee shop coffees there is quite a variety and that variety continues into the quality. A great experience of trying coffee in a completely different country!

I’ve also been partaking in the a few of the Christmas coffees that have appeared this year. I do have a soft spot for the Pumpkin Spice Latte and the Eggnog Latte, but I’ve also had a Toffee Nut Latte and the Christmas Blends on offer. Maybe next years I will get back to individual posts, but I will at least try to do more than two!

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