Catching up on Coffee 2016 Part 2

I have been drinking less coffee these last few months, but it’s been of much better quality that previously. I have been taking the time to brew coffee properly as I understood on my course last month and using different brew methods. So since my Part 1 update back at the start of the year I’ve only worked my way through two new coffees as well as finishing off the last of my fudge blend.

Both coffee’s were from Rave as it’s so easy for me to get to. I stepped into the world of decaf after my course as I was making more coffees in the evening for a few weeks and I knew I would not be able to handle the caffeine. I mainly used this one in my espresso machine as I got it ground specifically for that use. I did have a go with it in my new aeropress as well though and although it was a bit too fine it worked quite well.

I then also tried the Papua New Guinea beans as a single origin. This one was recommended by the guys at Rave and I was impressed when I got it home. It brewed very nicely with the pour over and french press. I found the aeropress gave it a slightly different flavour and I didn’t like it so much, but this could have been part of my learning curve with a new brewing method.

I now have another two new beans from Rave for this month and a shout out to them for their excellent customer service the last time I went in and it was crazy busy!

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