Extravagant Bowls and Trays


Another cat post as I am totally embracing the ‘crazy cat lady’ persona and making it my own. The picture above doesn’t scare me, it makes me happy that I could be that and enjoy it, so here is another cat post!

Merry and Pippin are totally spoilt! Over the last year I’ve changed things from cheap, convenient things to more expensive and convenient things.

They now have microchip pet bowls so Pippin cannot steal Merry’s food and both have lost weight (if only it was that easy for humans right?). This means I can leave them easily for one night and not worry that one of them won’t get to eat all their food. Now they normally stare at each other if one of them finishes first. Plus I’m pretty sure they have found away to steal a morsel every now and then using a paw.


Or Merry just lies on top of Pippin’s bowl as a way of letting me know she is hungry!

Another new addition is an indoor water feature that creates a very peaceful atmosphere – it totally not a cat drinking fountain! I have found they drink much more water since changing from a plastic fountain which is good news.

The other thing that is totally extravagant is I have litter trays delivered to me  each month from Poopy Cat. This makes my life so much easier as you throw the whole thing away each time and I think the cats prefer that too.

They also sell blocks, which I have also bought and have signed up for their Kickstarter Campaign for cardboard versions of landmarks – I want my cats to travel like I can!

So yes my cats are totally spoilt, but they are fantastic flatmates!

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