Recent Wanderings… Brighton

Photo credit – my friend Sue

This weekend I was down in Brighton with the ladies to support the BM10k and the Brighton Marathon. This is the second year I’ve been down, but some of the girls this is the 4th year. It’s a weekend of laughing, shopping, eating and drinking!

Including some amazing breakfasts from Al Campo and Moksha Caffe – both very yummy and worth trips for food any time of day.

I do mean any time of day! This is the battenberg from Moksha and I also had a V60 pour over coffee, which was amazing too.

The rest of the time was spent wandering the charity shops and the Laines. We stopped at Choccywoccydoodah’s to have a gander at all the treats (nothing purchased though!).

I enjoyed some gelato in the rain at Gelato Gusto. I had the coffee and the white chocolate honeycomb. I saw they had maple bacon after I had ordered and would have tried that if I had realised.

I found a tattoo and piercing parlor that was open and got my ears re-pierced using needles rather than a gun. It stung, but didn’t hurt as I remember the gun doing. Also I have silver coloured earrings, rather than the gold ones you usually have to have which is great. Now just to take care of them so they heal properly so I can add to my jewelry collection with funky earrings.

The Sunday was spent supporting the ladies running the 10k and a couple of club runners doing the marathon. It was a great weekend away and I’m looking forward to next year’s trip already as one of the group signed up to do the marathon next year!

Photo Credit – my friend Edith  (who moved from the gap in between me and everyone else – I am not really sat on my own!

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