Recent Wanderings… Plymouth

This weekend I headed on the train to Plymouth to visit my friend Ingrid. The last couple of times I’ve been down that way it’s been for work so I’ve driven and it’s taken 4 hours each way. This time I took the train and it took 3 hours and was so much easier, especially the one that was direct.  I was able to get comfy and take my flask of coffee and settle in for a good couple of hours of me-time reading (or listening as I ended up doing).

Plymouth is a lovely place. but it feels so far away. The route down on the train takes you through Bristol and down to Exeter, then down on the coast past Dawlish and into Plymouth. It’s a stunning journey if you get a good window seat. It’s a city with a university in the county of Devon and is based all around shipbuilding and has a large naval base. It’s an interesting place to explore as my friend has been finding out for the last couple of years.

For example after having a good catch up over coffee we wandered to find somewhere for lunch and we went through this arcade with a gnome garden and dragon!

It’s hidden away in a little arcade with small independent shops near the Hoe part of the city.

We then headed to Rockets and Rascals for an amazing lunch. It’s a bike shop and cafe and was super lovely. We both has toasted sandwiches, which were made fresh and super tasty. I had cheese, chorizo and chicken on a sourdough bread and it was the best toasted sandwich I’ve had in a long time. If you get the chance to go here for lunch or cake (they looked amazing too!) I highly recommend it. The staff were lovely and it felt very welcoming. I’ve just had a look at their website and they are opening another shop in Poole.

We then went to The Book Cupboard which is a fantastic used book shop we explored for a good while. I didn’t end up getting anything, but Ingrid found a new series to start with older versions of the covers.

I loved it as it was packed with books from all different time periods. The only thing I struggled with was the ordering of the shelves and I spent a bit of time really wanting to take everything off and reorganise!

I even found a section dedicated to books on cats!

We then spent the rest of the weekend catching up and relaxing at Ingrid’s place. We enjoyed good food and some TV. I was introduced to Battlestar Galactica, which is the next binge watching show on my list (which seems to be ever growing!). We had a relaxing Sunday having a late breakfast and then heading to town for a bit of shopping and to Yo Sushi to try their new menu options. It was great fun!

Then it was time to catch the train home with a flask of tea and an audiobook. The train started out very quiet, but as we got closer to Bristol more and more people joined and made me very glad I had a booked seat.

It was fab going away for one night, but I was super tired when I got home that night. I don’t know how people do this every weekend, but I definitely want to do this more often. There are so many places to explore and going away for one night is easy to do and feels worth it even with a journey of 3 hours. It has opened my eyes to the potential opportunities I have when it comes to exploring at weekends. I just need to get organised!



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