Catching up on coffee 2016 Part 1

Like with my book posts, I’m very behind on my coffee updates. Although I seem to be taking longer to get through coffee than normal. I have reduced the amount I drink slightly, but I’m also more consistent in having at least one every single day.

I have also been drinking coffee out a bit more and have been enjoying some very nice flat white coffees, which makes a change from my standard americano or if I want milk a latte.

Rave Fudge Blend – this has been my staple over the last year. Every time I go and visit Rave I stock up on this and a new one I haven’t tried. I still have this in my stock so will be continuing to enjoy until my next visit at the end of the month.

Starbucks Christmas Blend – a tradition in my house is to buy this blend every Christmas and take round to my parents every year to get them to drink nice coffee instead of instant (I know!). This year I also the espresso blend, which I felt was slightly stronger than the standard blend, but I admit I didn’t try them side by side.

Hope and Glory Spiced Winter Coffee – an impulse buy as I don’t normally pre-ground coffees, but I couldn’t resist a spiced coffee. I could totally do this myself next year as it is juts a nice coffee with added spices. I liked the warming impact of this coffee and it felt very festive over the Christmas period.

Rave Hurrave Blend – This is the second year I’ve bought this blend and I like it a lot.  It was a nice one to drink going into January while it was grey and wet. This was very warming and lovely to use as a french press or pour over coffee.


I have one Christmas coffee left, the Wonderland Espresso Blend from Hope and Glory. I’m looking forward to opening this one and enjoying at home this month.

I also bought myself a new mug on my recent trip to Bruges. I try to find local places to drink, but will always pop into a Starbucks to get their city series mugs as I like the style, size and practically of them as a souvenir.

On another note I have booked on a barista skills course being put on by Rave at the end of the month and I cannot wait. I really want to take my home coffee brewing to the next level and need to learn about grinding properly and the ratios of water to coffee. I’m aware of both, but have never been shown what to do and reading about it has not been a huge priority, even though I know I want to learn.

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