A look forward to 2016

Again it may be cliche, but I love reading these kinds of posts and I like writing them. However I thin specific goals and/or resolutions don’t work for me. For 2016 instead I am going to set out some things to focus on and some values I want to live by. I want my small decisions and actions to add up to a much bigger picture going forward. Therefore having these values to focus on will help me live how I want to live and focus on the longer term, rather than instant gratification. I want to live in the present, but not let habits I no longer want to define this for me. Things won’t always go to plan and that is okay; it is part of who I am and each step counts.

So here is what I am focusing on:

Travelling – home and abroad

This has been a big part of my life that I sacrificed for the last few years, but I’ve been lucky to travel around the England for work and that will continue to happen. So the focus for 2016 is enjoy every minute of it and spend my time and money doing more of it. I have three trips abroad planned – Austria, Bruges, and Japan – and each will be very different from each other. They are spaced out across the year so I will always have some to look forward to. I even have a trip planned for 2017 to keep in mind.

Being good to myself – mind, body and soul

We all have a tendency to put others first. I have found this year that trying to put myself first has been considered selfish by other people and that got in my way. So this year I want to make it about taking care of myself fully. It’s the big things like losing weight and keeping fit, but it’s also about the smaller things such as journaling and doing my make up. It’s also about learning to say no to things are don’t fit within my values and not caring what other people think.

Clearing out junk – physically and metaphorically

I’ve been inspired by Alex over at Love Lexi Life with her year of clearing out and going minimal that I have already started to do the same. I have a lot of things in my house that I don’t use or need and it’s time to let go of it all. I’m going to go through every drawer in every room over time and really create the space I want to live in. The physical side is easier than the metaphorical side. This is links to ‘being good to myself’ above and clearing out my mind of the junk. I don’t know what this will look like yet, but I think I’ll start with social media and make sure everything I use and everyone I follow fits with who I am as a person and go from there.

Focusing on experiences, rather than stuff – imposing some spending limits

This is a big one for me and relates to focusing on the bigger picture over instant gratification. I am going to impose some spending limits on myself for the short term to change some habits and also back up the my other focuses above. I have realised over the years that having ‘stuff’ is nice, but at the same time I only use a small percentage of the ‘stuff’ I have. With clothes and accessories for instance, I would prefer to spend more money on something that will last a long time with continual use, than something cheap I might only wear once. I want to visit more places and do more things this coming year and therefore I need to make sure I spend my money on things that support that aim.

Aiming for consistency, with fluidity – words for the year

I’ve already mentioned how I felt 2015 lacked consistency, so that is what I would like a bit more of in the coming year. At the same time I need to allow myself the flexibility to be fluid and make changes without guilt or shame, which is also something that 2015 lacked. So this year I am setting these as my words to remind myself of what I need and want with my life.

That’s it really. I think everything I will do will fit into these aims, if that’s what they are. I have a couple of specific things I plan on achieving, such as swimming the Henley Marathon in August and losing a certain amount of weight, but they still fit into living with the above values. I want my blog posts to reflect this in the coming year and I’ve changed my categories to reflect this and my main loves and I suppose clearing out the clutter from my blog was a pre-emptive step on the next part of my journey.

I hope everyone enjoys the last few days of 2015 and welcomes 2016 with open arms and be ready to seize opportunities that present themselves along the way. Here is to an adventure filled year ahead in whatever forms those adventures come in!

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