Adventures in Tea and Coffee… December 15 Edition

December is the time of festive coffee concoctions and each year I seem to be less and less enthralled with them. When I started this blog in 2011 I made sure I tried every single one that Costa, Starbucks, and Nero had to offer, but now I am searching out coffee roasters to enjoy their festive blends instead. However I haven’t even started on two of the 4 festive blends I purchased as I was unwell and so they will have to wait until January. I did still have a few of the festive drinks as it was time for catching up with friends and needing breaks from Christmas shopping.

Starbucks Eggnog Latte

A decadent must have for me. I know many coffee experts wouldn’t even count this as coffee, but I do at this time of year and as I usually only have the one I enjoy it a lot.

Costa Salted Caramel Cappuccino

A new one for the Costa menu this year. It’s basically a sweet cappuccino and I wouldn’t bother again as I didn’t get a hint of salted caramel at all. Such as shame as I was hoping this would be a good one.

Jeeves of Jericho Oxford brew

I went to Millets Farm to find some stocking fillers and took a break in their cafe and tried a tea I’ve not had before from Oxford based tea company Jeeves of Jericho and really enjoyed it. I will be looking at ordering from them in the future.

Cafe Nero Praline Latte

Another festive try this year. This was on the same wavelength as the salted caramel cappuccino. I think I am not a fan of sweetened coffee anymore. It just makes me thirsty and does nothing for the actual taste of the coffee.

Rave Rwanda Simbi flat white

A trip to Rave Coffee in Cirencester saw me order my favourite flat white with the origin coffee of the month from Rwanda. It was a nice choice as it has a bit of a bite too it that even came through in the flat white. I also purchased some of my favourite fudge blend and also their festive Hurrave blend.

Hope and Glory Spice Winter Coffee

My coffee of christmas week. This has been rather nice and although it could only be order pre-ground it was kept nicely over the week. I do prefer to get beans and grind as I go, but wanted to try this one with the spices. I would get this again, but I would also look to try and make my own version by adding spices in a pour over with a favourite bean.

Starbuck Christmas Blend 2015

I always get a bag of this and take it to my parents for Christmas Day and Boxing Day. They only have instant coffee, but also do not appreciate fresh coffee as much as I do, so this one is the perfect compromise.

Quite a busy month for different drinks and also for building up a stash of beans to enjoy in January. I am going away in January and am debating getting an Aeropress to take with me as I follow a number of people on Twitter and Instagram that travel with them and it looks like a fantastic idea for having good coffee on the go. Some even take grinders, so it’s something I am going to look at for 2016 as well as getting better at brewing good coffee at home buy getting a scale.

I hope you have a good year of coffee and I’m looking forward to making 2016 an even better year.

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