A look back at 2015

Yes I’m doing the cliché of a review of the year post, but I find it quite therapeutic and useful when thinking ahead.

Overall I have felt the last year has been inconsistent. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing as I could turn it around and say it’s been varied instead. Both have pros and cons, but the nagging sense of inconsistency keeps hitting me as I thrive on routine and goals. I think I started off 2015 with the wrong goals. They didn’t meld with me as time went on and that meant I kept putting them off. So rather than look back at what didn’t go well or how I didn’t hot my goals, because I actually did, but don’t feel how I want to about them, I’m going to recap what I achieved and feel really good about.



This year my swimming has been focused towards the open water and that has been great. I’ve made new friends at the lake and loved having specific open water coaching. I swam across the Solent and conquered some fears about sea swimming by just diving head first in and keeping going until I reached the other side.


This year I undertook my Level 1 and Level 2 Swimming Teaching and my Level 1 Swimming Coaching and really enjoy it. I use my skills and qualifications at least once a week when I help my swimming club and teach the development swimmers learn what they need to for the competition squad. I also continued to help the running club swimming sessions and ran 4 full courses with the helps of friends throughout the summer and right up until the week before Christmas. I’m cutting back a bit in 2016, but also stepping up responsibility to lead a session.

Work and Career

This year has been also about work for me really. I have been aiming for a promotion for the last year and in September it happened and I was offered a development opportunity in a different team. I’ve taken a lot of time this year to look at what I want from a job and career and then what I needed to do to get there. I have been in my new role a couple of months now and am really enjoying it. I want to make the most of this opportunity in the next year and really prove I can work at this level and even higher if possible. I want to do a fantastic job and learn as much as I can over the next 12 months.

Being myself  

This last year I have also been thinking a lot about who I am and who I want to be. I’ve purged Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Feedly to make sure I am following people who inspire me and I support (and hopefully they would support back). I’ve also been searching for more like minded people to interact with. I love the age we live in when the internet can provide some of that. There is still something missing and so the year ahead is going to be delving into that more, but I feel like I am happy with who I am and just need some tweaks before I want to shout about it to the world without caring what anyone else thinks.

My Cats

This is has been the first full year with Merry and Pippin in my life. They have been through their terrible teenage months now (I hope) and are becoming more and more affectionate each day. I spent much of this year debating about letting them roam, but then I take them outside with me and they head back inside before me most of the time so I know they are happy and spoilt rotten. They are okay around people once they get used to them and they are always there when I come home each day waiting for me (to feed them). I know they are safe and well cared for. I also know I enter more competitions to win things for them than for me. I also spent more this Christmas on them!

So overall 2015 was a year that felt like I didn’t achieve what I wanted to, but that is because I am comparing it to a different version of me and not the person I am now and want to be. I am also going to look forward at 2016 in my next post and rather than be totally specific I am going to think about things to focus on, such as my values or ways of taking care of myself. There are a few specific things in there too as I need a good goal to work towards!



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