Currently – December 15 Edition

Coming to the end of the year always makes me want to look back on things. However this year I want to learn and focus on looking forward by taking each day as it comes. I’ve loved these currently posts as they make me stop and consider the important things to me at any one point in time.

Current Book – Percy Jackson and the Greek Gods

I have to say I am struggling with this one. It is narrated  by the character of Percy who is telling the stories of the gods. It’s interesting, but the tone is a little too simplistic or condescending for my liking, which is a shame as the series is not like that for me.

Current TV Show – X Files and Doctor Who

I’m still working my way through the X Files box set I bought a few months ago and am now on Series 6. I’ve also been obessed with Doctor Who, which ended it’s latest series last week. For these I am looking for to the Christmas special of Doctor Who and the new series of the X Files in 2016!

Current Movie – Elf and Santa Claus the Movie

It’s that time of year where I love watching Christmas movies and these two are my absolute favourites!

Current Music – Lay It All On Me, Ed Sheeran and Rudimental

I love this song and I loved Bloodstream which they did together earlier in the year.

Current Non-Guilty Pleasure – My reading room

I’ve been planning a spending ban for 2016 so have kitted out my reading room (guest room) to make it cosy and comfy for many evenings ahead and love it so much. The cats have already made the bed an additional spot, where they are happy to both be at the same time.

Current Beauty Product – Clinique Everyday Balm

I’ve stopped using a face wash so much and have just been using the cleasing balm to remove my make up and with the primer I spoke about last time my skin feels so much better for not stripping away the oils everyday.

Current Drink – Bombardino

I’ve finally cracked open the bottle I bought back from Italy in January and am loving it. I am not a night owl so this has been a great way to have a drink while getting ready and add an espresso to it to help keep me awake later into the evenings with the many Christmas dos I seem to have.

Current Food –  Christmas Pudding

Homemade Christmas Pudding is my favourite dessert and I’ve already had two this winter. We used up the last one from last year when I went round my parents for dinner a few weeks ago and then I took one to my swimming club potluck the other weekend. I’m already looking forward to the one on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!

Current Obsession – Christmas Pudding decorations

I haven’t gone all out this year as my cats thought all the decorations were toys last year, so I have decorated my bookcase above a certain height with all my favourite decorations. I admit I kept out my Christmas Pudding bowl and teapot for the whole year this time as otherwise they don’t get used. I bought the bunting this year as an addition to my collection.

Current Craving –  Parma Ham

For some reason I just want to eatc parma ham. I’m craving salty food that doesn’t feel like I’m eating salt. I keep buying a pack and having that with some olives and bread for dinner as it’s so easy and doesn’t feel heavy.

Current Need – More daylight hours

I’m struggling this year once it gets dark all I want to do is hibernate. I get home form work and don’t want to go back out even at 5pm! I’m think it is because I haven’t been exercising as much as I need to as I’ve been so busy. Time to get my schedule straight and focus on what works for me.

Current Bane of My Existence – Clothes washing

I seem to have let this pile up and need to do multiple loads at a time. I’ve lost my habit of doing washing weekly meaning I only need to do one load a week. Also I’m toying with the idea of changing to a work uniform to keep it simple and not stress over costs.

Current Indulgence – Fitbit

I bought myself a Fitbit in the pre-Christmas sales and love it. I need to get in more activity during the day as it has really dropped since the last time I wore a fitness tracker. It’s amazing how easy it is to slip into habits I thought I had gotten rid of. Nevermind, now I can do something about it.

Current Procrastination – Journalling

I don’t think I’ve journalled for a good few weeks. I don’t know why, but I haven’t sat down and let my thoughts run for a while. Maybe it’s because my changing in blogging has meant I get more things out, but I usually journal more personal stuff. Something to think about.

Currently making my life easier – Borrowed Cross Trainer

I haven’t used it everyday as planned, but it means I can get on it for a quick go in the build up to my cross country skiing holiday 🙂

Current Confession – I want to to go away for Christmas one year and break tradition

I’m finding Christmas and the expectation on following tradition quite confining this year. I was talking my friend Holly and we would love to do a friends holiday and go away somewhere for a change. It probably won’t happen for a couple of years, but I think we will do it and I’m excited about it.

Current Quote – This made me smile.

Current Excitement – The quiet time at work

I love the Christmas period at work as the office goes really quiet and I find I can take some time to reflect on the year and get myself ready for the year ahead and I look forward to doing it.

Current Mood – Restless

2016 I am going to make all about being myself.

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