Recent Wanderings… November 15 Edition

November is always quite a busy month for me and this year was no exception. It was made up of volunteering, swimming, and starting a new job, as well as catching up with friends.

Earlier in the month was the first Chilly Dippers swimming event at my local lake. I chose to do the 400m swim, but there were options of 25m to 100m as well. The temperature had just fallen into single figures (9.9 degrees) so it wasn’t too bad to swim in. I started steady and then got into a good rhythm and came second overall and first female with a time of 6 minutes 20 seconds. Soup and cakes were also included with a shiny medal to add to my collection. I’m signed up to one in December as well!

I then volunteered at a local duathlon (run, bike, run) and was station at the bottom of a hill turning people through a gate on the bike course. I also had a cow staring at me the whole time, until the farmer came with fresh hay. It was good fun and all the competitors were friendly and shouted thanks as they went past. It’s always super nice when people do that, especially on a cold and muddy day.

My first christmas catch up was with the girls I used to work with at the local swimming pool and we went for an all you can eat Chinese and gossip. It was great fun as we don’t get to see each other as much as before. It wasn’t officially christmas, but we are struggling to get another date in before so it will probably wait until birthday celebrations in January.

As part of my preparation for cross country skiing in January I found a company Exodus recommend and went Roller Skiing at Eton Dorney ( You get set up with boots, poles and longer roller stakes and I spent the day learning how to skate and classic cross country ski. It was hard work, but so much fun and I feel a lot more confident about going on holiday to do this now. I wasn’t fast, but I kept up all day. I did manage to have the wrong the skis/skates on after lunch so had to swap with the instructor as I couldn’t move without my poles as my skates kept going backwards.

I started my new job in November as well and we took a  team day to Coleshill to really get under the skin of what the whole team is doing going forward. It was great to get out of the office and to one of the properties that are part of the organisation.

I was supposed to be heading to Brussels or Bruges at the end of the month, but due to the situation in Paris and Brussels it has been postponed to February. So instead me and my friend went to the Bath Christmas Market and got a good start on my christmas shopping. It was a nice day, but it gets really busy so we had a nice long lunch and headed home as it started to rain.

I’ve been trying to use my cinema pass more often and this month saw 4 films, which is the minimum I try to see.

  • Hamlet – the encore showing of the National Theatre Live show.
  • Of Mice and Men – another encore showing of the the NT Live show.
  • Spectre – I really like Daniel Craig as James Bond and liked this. Skyfall is still my favourite though!
  • Mockingjay Part 2 – I liked this, but preferred the book as several aspects came across much better when reading from the characters point of view.

December is also a busy month with lots of catching up with friends and christmas celebrations throughout the month.

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