Wandering around the Harry Potter Studio on Halloween

This Halloween will always be remembered as a very good one indeed as I went to the Harry Potter Studio Tour with my friend Ingrid!

It was set up with Dark Arts as the theme and being Halloween night it was spooky and fun.IMG_2838

The Great Hall was set up with the Halloween feast.


There were Death Eaters walking around the studio freaking people out by getting up close.

There was a wand maker taking the time to talk to the visitors.


So many wands! Do you see the pumpkin wand?


This is the third time I’ve been and this time was all about the details for me. We didn’t bother with the audio guide and instead read bits and pieces and really enjoyed just wandering around and taking the time to see things.


Like the Sorting hat and the Weasleys clock.


I want this cereal, or just as a card to put on my wall.


There were new additions too. The Malfoy Manor scene was set up and felt very creepy.

IMG_2920 IMG_2921

Umbridge’s Office was in a different place and you got to see all the cat plates up close and personal.


I managed to get a close up of a Death Eater who started stalking towards me as I took the photo – so creepy!


The main new bit for us was getting to see the Hogwarts Express!


Harry’s hand print on the window.


Lavender’s heart for Ron.IMG_2959

The lunch cart! I would love if they sold the pumpkin juice bottles.


Then we got to go on a train journey. We both bought the official photo (last time we got the car and the broom ones) with the Hogsmede background.


We also got some fun photos and this was just amazing timing on Ingrid’s part!


The details of all the books is amazing! I wish the versions in the shop were not so costly, but I would so love to have a set of these.

IMG_2983 IMG_2982

Butterbeer! My profile picture on every site is now me with my butterbeer and butterbeer ice cream!

The butterbeer is great and so different from other things. The ice cream was more caramel flavour, but it made a nice dinner.


Then we got outside, which was fantastic as it was dark and Halloween so just felt atmospheric to be there.

IMG_2998 IMG_2993 IMG_3001 IMG_3003 IMG_3004

We also had fun and kept swapping with other visitors to do these fun photos on Hagrid’s motorbike.


Diagon Alley was busy and fun to in.


The Hogwarts model is still amazing every time I see it.

I looked for the little details this time, including the telescope.


The dragons on the greenhouses.


The owlery.


The clock through the trees.


The boathouse.



The paths and bridges.


It was so much fun and a great time of year and night to go and visit the tour. I would definitely recommend it. I now want to see it all at Christmas, but I’ll leave that until next year I think.

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