Currently – October 15 Edition

I love reading these kinds of posts. They are similar to the Coffee Date posts and they allow the reader to delve into the life of the blogger a little bit more. Maybe I’m just nosy, but I find them fascinating. So I decided to give them ago. This is based on the format Running With Spoons uses, but I’ve adapted slightly to fit my own life a bit better.

Current Book – The Assassin’s Blade

I treated some new books when I heard I got the job I really wanted internally at work, and this is the first one I’ve started to read. I’m enjoying learning the history of Celena as it is hinted in the other books and I feel I’m really getting to know the character better.

Current Music – The Script, The Energy Never Dies

I love The Script and there is always one song on each of their albums I play over and over and this is the current one.

Current Non-Guilty Pleasure – The X-Files

I bought myself the entire tv series on dvd as a treat for completing my Solent Swim last month and I am already on season three! A few times a week I pop a dvd in and have it on in the background as I potter around the house or working from home.

Current Beauty Product – Porefessional

I’m in the middle of reassessing my makeup routine as am struggling with breakouts. I want to scale it all back and focus on maintaining good skin and just focusing on my eyes, so my primer has been playing a vital role in combating my current blotchy skin as I scale back on the foundation.

Current Drink – Peanut Hottie

I love this as a evening or bedtime drink now the weather has turned colder. It is not as sweet as hot chocolate and fills my craving for peanut butter. I wasn’t sure I would like it, but now I want to try the chocolate version too as I very much enjoy it and we are heading into cosy nights in reading books covered in blankets on the sofa.

Current Food – Figs!

Figs are back in season I am having to limit myself to four a day. I just eat a whole pack and love them so much just as they are. I think I am buying the whole stock each time I go into the local shop. My mum has a fig tree, but we don’t really have the weather to ripen the fruit so there are always lots of green ones, but rarely any make it through. I would love a fig tree, but recently was given an apple tree so I’ll try with that one first.

Current Obsession – Colouring

I have fallen for the colouring craze and have both of Joanna Basford colouring books for adults and love them. I can’t wait for the next one even though I haven’t even finsihed the first one  yet!

Current Craving – Crusty Bread

All I want is bread at the moment. The  last couple of weekends I’ve been up the highstreet at the right time to get some lovely fresh crusty bread and ever since it is all I have been craving. Lovely fresh ham sandwiches – so good!

Current Need – Moisturiser

My skin is so dry and my current moisturiser is just not cutting it. I need to take a trip to Boots to go through the different ones available to find one that works for me.

Current Bane of My Existence – My office clutter

For whatever reason I have never been able to keep my office space at home tidy. It is the room where I let things pile up and I hate it. It also became the cats room for a while, but I have changed their litter trays and moved them to the bathroom so have my office back. SO now I need to sort it out and create or re-create the space I want for working and blogging.

Current Indulgence – Early bed times

Whenever I can I am having early bed times. I’m getting into my warm bed with my lavender melter on and enjoying reading a book or listening to a podcast or audiobook while relaxing and letting the day fall behind me. I really appreciate the times I can do this and go out of my way to make sure I can when I need to.

Current Procrastination – Hanging Up My Clothes

Am I the only one who washes their clothes and then ends up leaving the stuff in the dryer or in the basket clean? I am so bad. I’ve had to re-wash stuff as they have ended up so creased that things cannot be worn outside, and I don’t own an iron!

Current Confession – I get into my pyjamas straight after work

When I am not doing anything on an evening I get straight into my pyjamas and love it. The only time it feels awkward is when I neighbour comes round as they have taken in a parcel for me, but then I just try to throw on a hoodie. I live in pyjamas really.

Current Quote – this. 

Current Excitement – Harry Potter Halloween

Me and my friend Ingrid have been planning our Harry Potter Halloween for a while and I am so excited. We are going to watch lots of the movies and have booked to go to the Studio Tour on Halloween night! It’s going to be so much fun!

Current Mood – Determined

I feel great right now. I am excited about my job and my life and want to hit the ground running with all the changes happening.

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