What is important for me?

I’m working hard to overcome my recent frustrations by focusing on what I can do to get myself on a better path for me.  I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about what is really important to me and worked out it is essentially these four things:

  • Fit, healthy, and happy in body and mind
  • Peaceful home with happy cats
  • Successful career in the ways that matter to me
  • Good and inspiring people around me

It’s that simple, but I know I complicate things. I do things that don’t help achieve any of these and that makes me unhappy or feel torn and frustrated. I am not living the life that aligns to the things I really want out of it. I don’t feel torn or conflicted about any of the above, which shows me they are my core beliefs and values and are based solely on what I want and need.

So over the next week or so I’m going to look closely at the changes I would like to make. I don’t think any will be super drastic, but rather will take work to make them habitual. I also need to think about how to make them habits, for example what reminders I will need to make sure I do them each time.

I’ve got started on a few things already:

  • Decluttering my house has been ongoing for a few months. I have a pile of stuff in one corner of my bedroom I need to get rid of. I also know there is more stuff I don’t use or need clogging up my space, so a major clear is planned for this weekend.
  • In order to cook more regularly I have ordered a box from Simply Cook, using a discount code from Nics Nutrition. My plan when the first box arrives is to cook once a week and eat that meal for a few days. The other days I can have my standard chilli or stir fry. This will also mean I am eating different things and trying new recipes and overcoming my food boredom.
  • I’m spending the coming weekend with lovely friends at a candle afternoon tea party and then planning a budget European Christmas market trip for later in the year.
  • For work I have applied for two progression roles and am prepping for one more. Hopefully I get an interview and will be moving upwards in the near future. So interview preparation will be a priority. Also a new outfit will be required!
  • I’ve signed up to WW online in order to bring my eating habits back into balance and lose weight. The first thing I going to change is to add more protein to my diet by pickling some eggs and having a stock of pickled veggies in the house to snack on.

I feel great about all my plans above. I’m going through a low period and that’s okay; I know it’s only temporary and I am doing everything I can to come out the other side. By focusing on things I can do and take action makes me feel better and understand that control is relative.  It’s how I react to things that cause me stress and anxiety. Choosing to be positive and take action to change things is a good reaction to how I currently feel. I could easily hide myself away and wait for it all to pass by, but that is not how I want to live my life.

I want this!

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