Purrfect Box

My cats are so spoilt!

As you already know they get a monthly box from a different company, but Purrfect Box got in touch with me to offer me a free box to try and could not say no – Merry & Pippin need more toys obviously!

As you can see as soon as it arrived they claimed it as theirs as they do with every box that comes into the house.

Once we open the box I was pleased to see a lovely amount of toys and treats contained within.

First up (and put straight out of the way) were the treats. I don’t know how, but my two can tell the difference between their normal food and treats straight away. I think I might try to put their food in treat bags sometime to test out their cleverness. I’ve only given them the chicken filet bites so far and they love them. I think they life softer treats more as they are on dry food all the time.   

Next up is catnip spray, which my two love. This came in a handy size and they could tell right away what is was. I sprayed a bit on their favourite areas and they were super happy.

Pippin is a fan of this next toy as he likes batting things around with his paws. Merry is not interested unless it moves and she can chase it.  These are great to throw up the stairs and watch Pippin chase and catch and miss and run back down. 

Merry was a fan of this one though as it smelt and she could lie on top of it to keep it all to herself. She like chewing it, but it is standing up to her attention quite well.

I had only recently bought them a tunnel, so this was a duplicate of a recent toy, but much shorter in length and Merry love it. She lies in with her head out one end and her butt out the other and is quite happy. Pippin like the tunnel as he can launch a surprise attack.   

The box comes with a leaflet of cat advice and descriptions of the contents of the box.

Merry and Pippin gave the box a paws up and have been enjoying the contents for the last week since it arrived and also the box itself!  

They both wanted to fit in, but it did not work.

Pippin isn’t sure what to make of the smelly bow.   

Merry in the tunnel.

Merry wondering what the balls were, but quickly lost interest when she worked out she had to move them herself.   

Merry asleep in the box after a hard day being a cat. Merry is not usually the box cat, but I think she claimed this one for herself before Pippin could get there.

Overall a fab box and if I didn’t already pay for one I would consider signing up for this. However this is more expensive than what I currently pay and in order to pay the same I would have to pay for a whole year up front which isn’t feasible. I would suggest taking a look at all the different boxes out there now and decide which is the best for you and your moggies.

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