Adventures in Swimming… Big Cotswold Swim 2015

It’s been events galore the last few weeks with swimming. Although I have not done a single bit of training!

This last weekend was the Big Cotswold Swim. You have the choice of doing a one mile or a two mile swim and I always chose the two mile as love doing longer distances. As you can see it was a beautiful few days around the event, which meant the water temperature was up to 22 degrees, so I haven’t been wearing  wetsuit and decided to forego it for the event itself too, which is something I’ve never done before. I know you aren’t supposed to do anything new on race day, but as I hadn’t trained and wasn’t really racing and therefore didn’t want to compare it to my time last year I decided to go for it and was so glad I did.

It was a n okay swim. I came out feeling like I could have done another lap, so I know I didn’t push hard enough for a race, but I enjoyed taking it steady and feeling the water. It was a hard swim in a way as well as the field was busy. There were about 150 for the mile and for the two mile so I didn’t get any time on my own and always had someone around me.

On the first lap I kept to the outside and found I was pushed to the edge of the lake, almost swimming into tree routes at one point. On the second lap I decided to take the inside and found I was surrounded by people all the time and somehow ended up in the middle of a group, or they were drafting me. I definitely felt a few people weren’t happy I was keeping pace with them as I was not in a wetsuit. It’s funny what you pick up on while in the water – it’s totally different from any other kind of race.

I came out dead on 60 minutes, which compared to my 58 minute wetsuit swim the year before was excellent if I do say so myself. I am so glad I decided to forego the wetsuit and think I am converted to skins swimming from now on, even if it’s only to not have to put the wetsuit on and then take it off again. I stayed cool all the way round and think if I had trained properly I would have been able to beat my time from last year. So that will be the aim for next year. I am very likely to do it again as it’s local and so easy to get to without having to wake up super early.

The last few events have been good training for my Solent adventure in September!

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