Weekly swEATS – 8th July 2015

This weak has been much better than previous editions of my swEATS – woohoo!

I am constantly wondering why I struggle with the food aspect of my life and do not like that I use it as a comfort or security blanket. So I have to work at keeping myself on track and other ways of emotionally supporting myself.

This week’s sweats:

  • Thursday – I chilled out at home and caught up on some reading. I was supposed to have a 121 lake session at 6:30am, but got an email at 6:45am while I was at home having my first mug of tea and realised I had totally forgotten, which is completely unlike me.
  • Friday – I had my rearranged 121 lake swim session. It was great and I practiced using some different paddles and a tempo trainer to work on my speed. I also went for a cool down swim that evening as it was humid and I don’t cope well when the temperature goes above 20! I also coached that night.
  • Saturday – the Big Cotswold Swim 2 mile. I completed this 3.2km swim without a wetsuit and it was glorious. I stayed cool and just enjoyed the swim without any pressure about time. I also went for 2 mile evening walk as just wanted to get out in the late evening sunshine and enjoy some quite movement.
  • Sunday – I was feeling a bit low all weekend so had a me-day on Sunday and chilled out. I did go coaching in the evening, so got moving.
  • Monday – Appointment central on this day. Before work I had the dentist and after work I had the chiropodist, so by the time I got home I just tidied up and had my dinner.
  • Tuesday – I went to my normal swim session and did a 2800m set. I really felt not having been training properly and had to drop a 50m on several of the 200m sets as I would have fallen way behind the lane. It doesn’t bother me, but it shows how quickly fitness can disappear.
  • Wednesday – I was not active at all. My cats weren’t well so I was at home all day stressing out, then went to a meeting in the evening and caught up with the running buddy after that.

This week’s eats:

  • Thursday – I was not organised for lunch so got a tuna baguette from work. Crab pasta for dinner again as I love this dish so much!
  • Friday – Sausage and bean casserole with pasta and was super yummy.
  • Saturday – This was snacking day. I had toast, porridge, eggs, bacon, bread. Too much really.
  • Sunday – I went round my parents for dinner so had a simple roast chicken dinner with lots of veggies
  • Monday – I started back tracking on this day. I just felt I needed to, so tracked everything and enjoyed my tuna stir-fry for dinner.
  • Tuesday – Sausage and bean casserole again as I’m using up what is in my freezer.
  • Wednesday – I had M&S chicken casserole for lunch and then enjoyed some ice cream for dinner.

As I said I am backing to tracking everything. It is the only way I can stay accountable and really delve into the reasons I am not losing weight.  I feel good about things and know it’s just about focusing on the right things for a while and re-forming some good habits to make it easier to do without thinking.

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