Candy Japan Subscription

After the free box I was sent for review from Candy Japan and which I loved I decided to sign up for my own subscription (paid for myself) and last month received the first two boxes. I find it great that you get two boxes a month as it means I don’t eat it all at once and it’s something to look forward to. The wrapping tape is always fantastic too!


This was a do it yourself jelly sweet kit. It was a couple of powers, one of which you added water to and then turned the tree through both. It was weird, but fun to try. I don’t think I got the hang of it as the jelly kept falling off in the water powder.

I followed the instructions on the back from the pictures 🙂


These were rose flavoured chewy sweets that I was surprised I liked so much. You get quite a few in the bag and they although they are nice I couldn’t have more than a few at a time as they were quite floral and rich, so the bag lasted a week.IMG_2168

The second box consisted of a mix of things for the cinema or a movie night. I seem to have only taken a group shot of these, so apologies for the lack of photos. First up was so toffee popcorn type sweet, which was super yum. Secondly were some sour cola jelly chews which were also quite good. Lastly was a fake ice cream cone with whipped chocolate inside instead of ice cream.IMG_2429.JPG

This was a fab box that I enjoyed and wasn’t too weird, just different from what you can get in the UK. I hope some matcha stuff gets included soon.

I am currently planning a trip to Japan with my family and am super excited and with each box that arrives I get even more excited!

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