Cat Hampurr

Cat Hampurr is a monthly subscription box I signed up for back in January when they gave new subscribers a discount on their first box and I have now received them for the last 6 months. Overall I am really pleased with the variety of foods, treats, and toys I have received, but have had an issue with quality of toys recently that the team have been super helpful with and replaced some that were faulty, so do get in touch with them.  I have seemed to have built up a stock of treats that I can’t seem to get through with two cats even though the box is designed for one cat!  It’s a great way to be introduced to some new companies and different treats/toys I might not have found otherwise. Also the team engage via twitter and instagram as well and I find that great! They want to see photos of your cats enjoying the treats and the boxes, so do give them a tag if you can.

I wanted to share with you some new-to-me companies that I have found do great treats and toys and I would buy again outside of the box subscription.

I also wanted to share Merry and Pippin opening and enjoying the box from June.


Merry really liked the catnip fish, so much so it came apart at the seems!  Pippin didn’t get a look in before I had to confiscate it. 


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