Adventures in Swimming… Teaching Level 2 Part 3


I wanted to start this post with good news as June has been crazy busy and this is the reason why so being able to say I passed is really important to me. I just have to wait for the certificate for it to be official.

Last weekend was my final weekend on my Level 2 Teaching Aquatics course. We covered everything we had left to and planned, taught, and evaluated the last three lessons I was required to do as part of the course. The topics we covered this week were Long Term Athlete Development, Nutrition, and Growth and Development. The group was really upbeat and as we had other presentations to do I felt everyone was on the same page and wanted to help each other. We also all wanted to be done. It is a long and intensive course and sometimes felt like a repeat of some of the aspects of the Level 1 course. Overall though it was worth doing as it has given me more confidence and a better understanding of what and how I am meant to teach.  So even though I mainly coach it was great to get the basics of swimming the strokes right and know what swimmers should be doing and therefore how I can help them later on in the swimming development.

It’s not really going to change anything I do, but I will now be able take a session on my own and be insured as I kept putting my foot down while I was not qualified and refused to do that.  But now I would be happy to plan and take or oversee a whole session. In essence I could be the one in charge. Let’s be clear I don’t want that role, but I would cover for others if required.

It’s also great as a fall back career option if needed 😉

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