Weekly swEATs 1st July 2015

Another whirlwind week has been and gone and I feel again I have made no progress on my goals. In all honesty I have not been putting the effort in that I know I need to. I need to accept this and that it will take work to take the path I want to take.

Sweats this week:

  • Thursday I was back in the office and then went to play skittles with swimming club, which totally counts as activity in my book!
  • Friday was back on my course so the activity I did was as part of the swimming lessons I was teaching. I still had a 121 session that was hard work.
  • Saturday was the last day on my course, but was very much a static day as needed an early night for Sudnay.
  • Sunday I was finally active! I took part in the Henley Classic, which is a 2.1km swim upstream in the River Thames.
  • Monday I had 12 hours sleep then was in an all-day meeting so no activity for me.
  • Tuesday I was stuck in an office all day helping a colleague interview for a new position. I walked a bit around the property, but no structured activity.
  • Wednesday was a catch up day at work so was stuck at my computer all day. Also it was so hot for the UK – 29 degrees I think and I struggle to do anything in this kind of temperature

Eats for this week:

  • Thursday was a team lunch so I had a Piri Piri burger and then went out with the swimming club that was a buffet style so had chips, beef pie, and lasagne.
  • Friday was my course so came home and had toast.
  • Saturday I succumbed to the voucher through the door and ordered a dominos which was lunch and dinner.
  • Sunday I was up very early and then spent the day in bed, so it was sausage bap for breakfast, a chicken roll for lunch, and then Belgium bun for dinner
  • Monday was a work sandwich lunch and then steak roll for dinner
  • Tuesday was a tuna bean salad and then bagel thins for dinner.
  • Wednesday was so warm I just had fruit and yogurt for lunch and then crab pasta for dinner.

Not the best week food wise, but all decisions I made. So this week I want to plan better and use more of the food I have in my freezer.  I have a quieter week this week so I plan on spending some time reflecting over how June went and what steps I need to focus on in July to move forwards, not backwards or sideways. I know June was an extraordinary month for me and I would try not to do that again as it wasn’t overly enjoyable.

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