Wandering around Avebury Solstice

As part of my work I get to take part in volunteer days and some of the best opportunities are around the solstice. Last year I went to Stonehenge with my manager and this year a small group of us went to Avebury for the shortest night. I chose Avebury as it is much closer than Stonehenge, which was needed as I was on my course both sides of my shift.

We got there around 5:30pm for our 6:30pm to 11:30pm shift. It was a lovely evening and lots of people were there for a nice time. We wandered the main stone area in pairs armed with a radio and litter picker and were basiclaly on hand to help with any queries and put a stop to BBQs, fires, and camping within out quadrant.


It was good fun, even if it was a little scary when having to approach fire dancers and ask them to spin out their flames. We only had one group where the police had to get involved, which was a shame, but all part of the night. The Kings Drums came on as the sun set and played for a while. Once it got dark the mood definitely shifted slightly to being a bit more scary as people were more intoxicated and confident. I was happy to be leaving at midnight I can tell you!

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