Adventures in Swimming… Teaching Level 2 Part 2

I’m very behind! I’m just about to start my third weekend and I haven’t posted about last weekend.

The second weekend of my course went much better. I had more confidence in my ability and knowledge, so that made writing my session plans and evaluations much easier. I also took part in my first presentation of the course looking at core aquatic skills children need to learn, so that was great, especially as one member of our group dropped out of the course in the week, which was sad.

I taught 3 lessons again and we watch two swimmers from a more advanced class in order to do some stroke analysis observations. This was interesting and hard to do. For me I can say what I see, but I find it hard to put into the language the ASA would want us to use, so when I do it again this coming week I will have to re-write my words into the correct language.

We went through a lot of theory this weekend as well including human growth and skills development. It was a really interesting side of the topic I hadn’t really looked at before and it made sense when looking at progression through the swimming skills.

We also all had a 121 with the tutor to see how we were getting on and to look at areas we need to improve – mine being stroke analysis. I’m really happy with how it is going, but at the same time I cannot wait for it to be done and dusted as I am so tired.  I am also looking forward to going back to coaching the older kids, rather than the young ones, but it has been great to learn how to teach and what to teach.

One more weekend!

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