Weekly swEATS 24th June

This was has been a whirlwind and I can’t believe it’s been a whole week since I last did this post. This means it really hasn’t gone well at all and I got caught up in the speed of my week and didn’t take the time I needed to do what I wanted. But onwards and upwards…

  • Thursday – I took time to myself this night to go straight from work to the cinema to see Spy and enjoyed it. That meant no sweats or good eats really though. I let myself have ice cream at the cinema and then just snacked all evening once home.
  • Friday – this was back on my course. No take away this week, but also no that well planned and just ended up having toast. Sweat wise I was in the pool for my of my lessons that was again only the one child meaning I had to take part in all the activities I planned.
  • Saturday – another day on my course and a better day with eats. I had a proper breakfast, lunch and dinner, but snack in the evening. Sweats wise I spent from 6pm through to midnight walking around Avebury while volunteering at the summer solstice so I think I got plenty of steps in.
  • Sunday – was another day on my course, but a very tired day. I ate okay, but had not planned properly around my 1.5km open water race I had after my course. I think I suffered slightly, but was glad I got moving and took part.
  • Monday – a day back in the office, but as a meeting was cancelled I took some time in the afternoon to go home and sleep. I had abit too much bread and cheese for lunch and dinner this day and wasn’t active at all as was so tired.
  • Tuesday – I spent half a day in the car travelling to Lanhydrock with work, but then did get to go out mountain biking with the workshop I was on so got some sweats in definitely. Eats wise I ate too much being away with work it was buffet lunch and as each location I go to does different things I always want to try everything – going to have to work on this.  The going to a pub that does everything with chips in the evening also didn’t help, although I did go for the grilled chicken option, which was really nice.
  • Wednesday – I led the workshop on the second day so no sweats from me as the rest of the day was spent travelling home and then sleeping. I did okay at breakfast with porridge, but it was the buffet lunch that got me again. Dinner was a snack as really felt I had eaten non-stop for two days.

My decision making hasn’t been the best while being super busy this last week. I know what I need to do and I just need to sit down and get it into my head and then stick to it. So easy to write down, but following through is another matter and where I need to focus my effort. I had a really good week though and enjoyed it.

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