Weekly swEATS 17th June 2015

I said last week that I was going to post my weekly eats and sweats (hence swEATS!) to help myself be accountable and although it has not been the week I planned I am holding myself to sharing. This will probably only be interesting for myself, but

Thursday – I had a 121 coached swimming session/lesson at the lake where I work on my speed. It was a good hard session for about an hour. I then also got in and did the 400m course without my wetsuit. For dinner I had pasta and homemade beef chilli with some Italian cheese grated on top.

Friday – This was the first day of my swim teach course, so I took a picnic dinner with me, but we ended finishing early so I grabbed chips from the chip shop. I’m disappointed in myself for this as I was all prepared and then let a change influence my plan. I was only active while I was teaching the two swim classes, but one of them ended being a 121 class with a 4 year girl, so I had to join in all the games and that was a workout!

Saturday – This was an early start for my swim course that also went on for the whole day. I didn’t feel I was particularly active as I only taught one class and then the rest was theory. I walked over to the local Waitrose with a couple of the group for lunch, but that was it. I then went home and had prawn salad for dinner and an early night.

Sunday – This was the third day of my course. I could have gone to my normal swimming session, but as I was so tired the night before I had  homework to do first thing so had to skip that and get some evaluations done. I was all prepared to have crab pasta and then on the way home all I wanted from protein, so picked up some prosciutto and a tub of mozzarella and sun dried tomatoes and munched my way through those while my cats looked on aghast that I was not giving them any of it.

Monday – This day was dictated by my volunteering at the 800th Anniversary celebration of the Magna Carta at Runnymede. We were given breakfast and lunch, so there was a lot of bread consumed and not enough liquid. This day did involve lots of walking and I was on my feet the whole time really. I should have put on a pedometer to track it all.  Again I was super tired after so threw some cod fishcakes in the oven for dinner.

Tuesday – A normal day at work, but it ended up being a long one as I had a lot to catch up on even though I had only been out of the office one day! I was not prepared today and although I knew I was picking up a free chicken on the way home I hadn’t decided to cook it that night, so it went straight in the fridge and I had bread and a custard slice for dinner while doing my swim course homework.

Wednesday – Another busy work day, but I could leave at my normal time so didn’t get stuck in traffic as much as the night before. I finally got round to having my crab pasta tonight while finishing off my swim homework and preparing for a swimming chat with the running club. Again I didn’t plan activity so I didn’t it in. I can’t count playing with the cats as a workout for me., unless I start chasing the feather teaser!

This week I struggled to fit everything in. I was so tired from the weekend, but that is no excuse. I have another two weekends like this coming up so I need to get organised. Looking back at the week showed me how I let my plans be influenced by outside factors.  So looking forward I have to be prepared and organised and not let changes in plans side-line me like this last week. I’m inspired by blog I follow where they fit things in and do what they can when they can. I want to be more like that so I am going to see what I can do this week coming.

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