June Coffee Date

I love reading these types of posts, but had never considered writing one myself until just this week. I realised I don’t have a way to share my general thoughts on here as I make all posts very specific. So I am making a change and will start doing these types of posts every so often.

If we were on a coffee date I would order a very large black coffee. The weather has been changeable recently and I’ve been tired so I would need the caffeine and warmth a hug mug of coffee brings. I would keep it simple so not to distract from our time to catch up.

If we were on a coffee date I would want us to catch up on everything that has been going on in our lives since the last time we saw each other. I would want to know how you are and what you’ve been up to. I would also want to know what plans you have coming up.

If we were catching up over coffee I would tell you about what I have been doing, which either resolves around work or swimming. I’ve been pretty busy trying to fit everything in and am feeling the strain. It’s not a bad strain at the moment, but I do have to make choices on what I can and cannot do. I don’t like being this busy all the time, so am looking forward to July when my schedule will ease a bit. I would want you to know I’m not saying no to things for no reason.

If we were out for coffee I would tell you how nervous I am about my Level 2 Swim teaching course that is taking up my entire June. It is a lot of work and I worry I won’t remember everything I need to. I’m glad my swimming club has given me the opportunity to do the course and will be glad I can be of more help to them once I am qualified. I am also hopeful about where it could lead and maybe I could develop the open water aspect of the club. I am also worried about how tired I will be and how that will impact on other aspects of my life.

If we were at a really good coffee shop I would tell you that I am super excited about the volunteering I am doing for work this month. Firstly I will be at the Magna Carta 800th anniversary event as an arena usher. It’s an early start, but lots of very important people will be there and it will be a once in lifetime opportunity to be a part of. I am also volunteering at the Summer Solstice at Avebury, which is another chance to meet some fun and interesting people. Last I went to Stonehenge, but as I have to be at my swim teaching course the following morning I went for a closer location to help at. So that is a very early start, and a very late night within a week of each other. I do love my job though and especially now I have nee made permanent and will be able to focus on progression going forward.

If we were out for coffee I would tell you how I am trying to improve and overall change my lifestyle for the better. I need to focus on the food aspect as of my life as I know I each too much and have the tendency to binge. That is why I won’t be having cake on our coffee date or some fancy super sweet coffee concoction. I want to keep it simple and eat good foods, while maintaining the balance of having what I want. I need to be more accountable and plan on posting my weekly sweats and eats over the next month so I can review. I could do with an accountability partner, but don’t know who to ask.

I’m excited and happy though at the moment. I feel I’m taking some good steps in my life and it’s moving in a direction I want it to go. There are so many things I want to do! I want to walk more; take more photographs; spend time with interesting people; explore more places; grow my own vegetables; shop more locally; these are just some of the things I have in mind.

I would also tell you I struggle to talk about stuff sometimes and hate asking for help, even though we all need it sometimes. So this has been a nice thing to do and I hope we can do it again soon!

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