Adventures in Swimming… Teaching Level 2 Part 1

This weekend I have spent the whole time at a local swimming pool learning how to teach swimming. This was the first weekend of three weekends in which I will learn everything I need to know to become a level 2 swimming teacher and be able to teach classes on my own.

I’m so knackered already and it’s only been one weekend!

I taught 3 lessons over the weekend and all of them went quite well. I underestimated the first groups ability, but with the help of the regular teacher improvised and delivered a good session. I ended up with one  class that only had one child as well!

We learnt about child protection and it is quite a scary topic. We had to look at scenarios and what responses we would need to deal with them. In essence it’s always report it to someone in a higher position. It was good to go into this in more detail, but at the same time highlights the need to protect yourself by not doing anything that could be misconstrued.

We focused on front crawl this weekend, but will be going through all 4 main strokes over the 3 weekends and will have to teach all of the to pass the course. It was lots of theory on top of the teaching. In most cases though it is all about being prepared for the sessions and making sure the aim is progression and to help the people you are teaching become better swimmers, in a fun and safe environment. We also have to evaluate ourselves and observe our classmates as part of the course. It’s interesting to see how different people think and compare and learn new practices as a group.

No photos for this post due to the nature of the weekend, but a very busy one!

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