RWB Triathlon 2015

Back on the 31st May I took part in the second Royal Wootton Bassett Triathlon – as part of a relay team!

Although I have pretty much given up triathlon – well more like stepped away for some breathing space – I wanted to take part in the one in my home town. So when a fellow swimming club member suggested a relay I jumped at the chance. However we were stuck with no volunteers for the run. So I canvassed my running club and found a volunteer – who then managed to double book themselves – but luckily my running buddy Jillian stepped up and helped us out.

It was me for the swim, Bob for the bike, and Jillian for the run.

We arranged to meet at 9am as our wave did not start until 10:20am. I got up there for 8am as wanted to see quite a few people start in the early waves. Five people I have been helping with their swimming took part and it was fantastic!

I was still nervous even though I was only doing the swim. It was less pressure than if I had being doing the whole thing though, which was great. By 9:45am I was ready to go and getting impatient for my wave to come round. Soon enough it did and we have our race briefing. As a team we had talked through everyone’s role and approximate timings so we knew when we had to be in transition to take the timing chip from each other.

At 10:20am I was off on the 400m swim. There were four others in my lane and I was at the back. My aim was speed and not to get lapped. I achieved both. I swam and got out of the deep end of the pool and ran out to transition in 6 minutes and 32 seconds. The fastest 400m swim I have done is 6 minutes 27 seconds and that is without having to get out of the pool, so I think I was either spot on that or slightly quicker.  I pushed myself hard and came out into transition puffing, but that is what I wanted as I knew I didn’t need the energy for the next bit.

Bob then went off on the bike for a windy and slightly wet ride. He came back in 44 minutes puffing like I did. We both agreed as Jillian went off for the run, which we were very glad we didn’t have to carry on. It was really nice to focus on one section of the race and give it our all. We then headed for the finish line to watch Jillian come in and get our group finishing photo.

We came in with a total time of 1 hour and 19 minutes and had a fantastic time taking part.

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