Adventures in Swimming… My Local Swimming Area

I am very lucky to live in a location that allows me access to multiple swimming sites – both pool based and lake based. This has also given me access to more people who know of even more places  a little further afield that I have plan on tagging along to later this year and over winter.

I mainly swim at two local swimming pools. But there are another 3 open to the public pools within 20 minutes of where I love, and multiple gyms that also have various size swimming pools in the same area. There are also a few further afield pools, that I would go to for specific reasons, such as a gala or coaching sessions, but not for general swimming.

Access to open water is also extremely good with the Cotswold Water Park area being a 20 minute drive away. I have a membership to Lake 32 Waterland, but Lake 12 and Lake 31 also do pay and play sessions on different days so I could swim different days or times if I wanted to.

As I said also Swindon is a great location for getting to other places. There is Eton Dorney and the River Thames swims to the East and the Bristol area to the West, as well as the sea to the South. Most things are probably within a 90 minute drive each way.


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