Adventures in Coffee… Rave Cuban Serrano Superior

 im no sure how I missed this one, but I finished this coffee back in January and never posted about it.


This was a single original coffee and one I was recommended as one for drinking in a French press and black. I mostly drank this in a fresh press, but also I have tried through the pour over. I think this is my first Cuban coffee. I probably need to make a searchable list to check out what I have tried and what I haven’t tried. I can’t say this was one I would get again, but it was differnt and I like different. It wasn’t as smooth or bold as I was expecting a itch the tasting notes being nutty, chocolate and smokey. I found it a bit Erie acid is than I was expecting. I will be going back to Rave in Juen to pick up another blend and another single origin to take me into summer. 


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