Wandering around Sutton House

I feel very privilaged I get to travel to some amazing places in the UK as part of my job. This last week I got to visit Sutton House.

“Built in 1535 by prominent courtier of Henry VIII, Sir Ralph Sadleir, Sutton House retains much of the atmosphere of a Tudor home despite some alterations by later occupants, including a succession of merchants, Huguenot silkweavers, and squatters. Discover oak-panelled rooms, original carved fireplaces and a charming courtyard.”  National Trust

Although I there for a work meeting my manager always encourages us to take some time where ever we go and explore to learn and understand more about the places we work with and the people who work there.

A recent project that I got to see was the Breakers Yard that looks at the 20th century history the house.  There are two buses and an ice cream van in the yard and it is really fun to explore.


I love the idea of planting trees in tires.    This bus is being used as a shelter, which mean kids can still explore and take part in activities the house put on even in the raining British weather.      

This is inside the double decker bus. A wooden stair case and a fireplace.     

Overall I had a lovely day and would encourage everyone to vsiit Sutton House in Hackney.

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