Adventures in Books… The Nemesis Program


While secretly researching the bizarre discoveries of Serbian scientist Nikola Tesla many years earlier, physicist Claudine Pommier becomes the victim of a remorseless and cruel murderer who breaks into her Parisian apartment. Is he just a serial killer, or is there more to her death than the Paris cops believe?

Maverick American biologist Dr Roberta Ryder receives a mysterious letter from her friend Claudine and travels to Paris to see her, only to learn of her shocking death. Before she knows it, Roberta becomes the target of ruthless men with a deadly agenda that only the letter can unmask. She’s alone and vulnerable. But she knows someone – the only someone – who can help her.

Ben Hope, ex-SAS soldier and Roberta’s old flame, now trying to retire to a life of peace with his fiancée Brooke, suddenly finds his life turned upside down by Roberta’s sudden arrival in England. She needs his help; he can’t turn her down. In a frantic race to Paris and halfway around the world, Ben and Roberta battle to uncover the mystery of Claudine’s research, with the killers just half a step behind. In the process they uncover a global conspiracy that will claim the lives of millions of people . . . unless Ben can stop it.”

I normally hate reading things out of order, but when a book is sent to you for free and I’m trying to watch my spending it calls for an exception. Of the Ben Hope series so far I have read books one and nine.

I enjoyed this. It is very Dan brown like in its conspiracy thriller plot. It was easy to read and a page turner and I enjoy that every now and again. I’ve added the second book in the series to my wishlist as I would like to read the ones I’ve missed.

I liked the characters and the relationships, even when the story got a little far-fetched I enjoyed how the characters reacted and dealt with things. Like I said at times the story goes a little beyond the realm of believability, but I like that in books as I like to be taken out of reality while I am reading them.

Overall a good action, crime, conspiracy story.

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