Back in the Lake

This weekend, the first weekend of April, I set as the date I wanted to get back in the lake, and that is exactly what I did.

Saturday it was a chilly 7 degrees Celsius outside and warmer 8.7 degrees Celsius in the water. I joined the Cotswold Open Water Swimmers for their breakfast swim. This involved swimming in three lakes and then going for breakfast.

I made it into the first two lakes, but as the third was a drive away I decided to skip that one. I was a little chilly by this point. I managed about 100m in each lake, maybe slightly more, but as my aim was to get in and see how it went, that was a great start.

I then went back today and it was glorious. The sunshine was out and it felt warm out on the side. The lake hadn’t warmed up at all, but it was nowhere near as bad with sun out. Today I managed the 400m route and got my face full in the water on the way back to shore. My friends Carol and Sue (who are now doing the 70.3 with me as a relay) cycled over to see me swim. I want to be first out of the lake from the club at the 70.3 so I am training now!

Sue snapped some action shots of me!

The worst bit is the first dip under when the water enters the wetsuit through the zip. I was fully kitted up gloves, booties, and gloves!

Now I’ve started I will be in every week and will be building up distance. I would like to get up to swimming 5km this year, with the aim of doing a couple of 10km events next year. I also want to build speed for the 70.3 so have plenty to work on 🙂

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