Life update

The blog has had to a backseat these last few weeks as life has been super busy. I think 2015 is going to be about quality over quantity in general, not just the blog, but also training and how I use my time.

Big news time!

I am now a qualified level 1 swimming teacher!

I spent last week in Bristol on my swim teaching course with a great group of people and a great course tutor from the Institute of Swimming.  I chose to do the intense course for my level 1 as I need to do this in order to do my level 2 course, which is what my swimming club really need me to have. It was a full on week of learning and teaching crash course kids lessons on top of commuting to Bristol. The course is all about how you assist a level 2 teacher, but we still had to write lesson plans and evaluations and were taking the swimming lessons in pairs. It was good fun as well as information overload. With swimming, like any sport, it is all about safeguarding children and vulnerable adults. It is serious and can have serious consequences, therefore keeping yourself safe as a teacher is also extremely important.

I have decided to focus my efforts and spare time on developing my swimming skills and that means my teaching/coaching skills as well. I thought about continuing my triathlon coaching, but it is not where my full interest lies. Swimming is my passion and where I want to learn and challenge myself.

Later this week I am having a video analysis session to look at my front crawl and learn what I need to do to become a better open water swimmer. I have saved up my pennies and splashed out on this and a follow up session including 4 121 lake sessions with my coach. I will let you know how it goes!

I want to do more swimming focused posts to share my love and hopefully point people to some good resources out there. I’ve been looking at Critical Swim Speed training (CSS) for myself and think I’ll do a post on that once I’ve got my head around it as well as share more about my club training.

I’m still not where I want to be mentally when it comes to the 70.3 triathlon, but I am enjoying my swimming and cycling. At the moment I hate running and I know it is all down to my weight. I’ve reached out to some people in the running club for support and will continue to work on this aspect of my life so it complements my training.

Life is full on at the moment and that is okay. As long as I make time for myself to unwind everything is good.

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