Next Week

Sometimes getting things off your chest does wonders.

I didn’t realise how much my thoughts and doubt about my goals was having on other aspects of my life. I was distracted by constantly trying to figure things out. Then once I had sat down and written it out a weight lifted. I made myself some action points and can move forward. I don’t have the answer, but I am moving forward.

This has made me look forward to next week, when before I was feeling guilty as I will probably not do much training.

I’ve taking my Level 1 Teaching Aquatics qualification!

I’m officially becoming a swimming teacher. I really enjoyed the triathlon coaching course last year, but have been honest with myself and said that is not the way forward I want to go with teaching/coaching as I want to concentrate on swimming. So i started helping with the kids section of the my swimming club and in return for my commitment to continue volunteering they will pay for the level 1 and level 2 courses I am taking this year.

Next week is going to be full on. I have to be at the venue 9-5 Monday to Friday and will then have session planning and evaluations as homework every night.

I chose to take the week off work to get this done as my club need level 2 qualified teachers, but you have to be 18 to take that course, which rules out the older kids in the club who help out. This means I can get on a level 2 course early in the year.

I’m now excited (if a little nervous) about this and am not worrying about what this mean for running and cycling. August is a long way off and I know it will come round quickly. However if I peak too soon I really won’t want to train for this event.

I want to enjoy the journey and becoming a swimming teacher is part of that.

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